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Energy healing techniques and methods

Energy healing techniques and methods

By Chris Walker 16h

There are many different methods and techniques for alternative healing these days.  New information gets channelled and new methods are developed. Take Reiki for example, this was developed from the late 1800′s and from 1890′s to 1910 Mikao Usui trained people to use this new system. To the newest system I have been trained in and this was channelled by Jennifer Valente in 2012. This new energy that has opened up to us is for accelerating people to awaken even quicker.

Other methods and techniques of spiritual healing are that I also use are crystal healing, charka healing and light dynamics, which is simular to Reiki. All effective to moving people forward in life.

There is a lot of information about this spiritual awakening that is going on at the moment.  There are many separate sources of information all confirming each other.  For myself personally,  I have been attending a channelling session once a month where the guides have been coming in teaching us about the ascension that is happening.  This awaking and ascension energy is getting strong over the past 3 years.  Dolores Cannon and Julie Cannon also talk about and teach their students about the session they have had with their clients, all confirming the same thing, that as humans, this is a very special time to be here to grow. Dolores Cannon has many books also written on this and other topics of spiritual and personal awakening.  The past life regression that I was taught from Dolores and Julia Cannon is a great technique of healing.  this type is called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) .  This can move issues very quickly once identified as a pattern in a past life and or a current life.

I have personally experienced almost all the signs of ascension. The biggest was the dizziness and the next one was sleep, waking up 32 times at 1:30 and 3:30 like clockwork for 3 months. and walking down the hall and bumping into the door way as my perception of space is changing.  This has settled down.  The guides that come in each month in the channelling sessions, told us the dizziness are the charkas spinning quicker, as they can handle more energy now  and our physical body is adjusting to catch up to this. This is a slow process as they don’t want us burning out as they say.  I have worked on myself a lot over the past 2 years.  I am at a point where life is very Zen for me and my manifestations are coming in.  but I do tell you, I had to do the work to break patterns and that self talk most of us have.  Light Dynamics  was a very big part of that for me.

Crystal healing is very interesting as well as it harnesses the energy of the crystal or crystals and more than one when combined change the resonance of the frequencies of the crystals together.  When places on the charkas or around the body, they also help activate and put back into balance the charkas or energy centres and the energetic body forms.

Chakra healing is also very good for rebalancing and get your emotional state very stable.  This can be done with crystals, or energy work.  I personally love to use light Dynamics or Reiki energy for this.  The hands on healing, well actually it is more hands off, working with the energy bodies that affect the physical body.  But it is nice to anchor the physical to the feet and the head of my clients.

This energy healing of light dynamics for example that I use. is a very profound energy,  some client just feel and gentle warm and a rocking feeling while on the table in a session. While others can have a big shift and sometime a cathartic healing or also know as a healing crises happens.  This needed sometimes and the client might not feel well for a day or 2.  This is when a lot of stuff is shifting quickly.  So I know and the client also knows they are getting a major healing.  This does not happen all the time, but I have to let people know it can.

There are also many energies coming into our world from plantitary alignments.  The planets I have been told, act like giant crystals in our solar system and also our galaxy.  to help see it in your mind you have to talk your prospective our of our plant earth and look at our solar system and other solar system to help understand this.  But as people are awakening, they are starting to feel the effects of these spiritual energies more and more.  So an energy balance is great to settle you down and ground you as well.  Grounding is also a big thing at the moment.  I also find it hard to ground at times.

Chris Walker is based in Melbourne Victoria and is a very experienced energy healer. He studied Reiki back in 1990′s.

Raising your Vibration

Raising your Vibration

By Chris Walker 26th

Have you had the experience of picking up on another person’s “vibes”? Some people emit positive vibes; others have a vibe that is anything but positive. A person’s vibe is their energy field.

Everything in the Universe is made up of energy – including us. This energy vibrates constantly, at varying rates. We are literally beings made up of different energy levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Our vibration refers to our energetic state – our Universal Life Energy – – and this is determined by many factors, including our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

A low vibration can result in negative beliefs, chronic illness, disempowering thought processes, fear and anxiety, depression, low energy, and attracting the wrong people into your life. A higher vibration is associated with positive emotions, empowering thoughts, good health, and spiritual awareness.

Many things can literally drain your energy and lower your level of vibration, including anger, toxic people, conflict, bad news, stress, and much more.

Like attracts like. A lower vibration will attract mirroring circumstances, as will a high vibration. Those of us living in a place of peace, calm, positivity and happiness emit a higher vibration than those who do not. We all, whether we understand it or not, want and need to exist at a higher vibration – for the good of ourselves, as well as of those and the world around us.

Here are some ways you can actively raise your vibration:

  1. Be aware of your thoughts – thoughts, words, and feelings literally become reality. Acknowledge negative thoughts, thank them for appearing, then dismiss them and replace them with positive thoughts.
  2. Conscious Breathing and Meditation – take time to just be. Still, focused on your breathing, allowing thoughts to come and go. Ten minutes of meditation a day can be life changing.
  3. Conscious Eating – eat real, fresh, natural foods.
  4. Get into Nature. Even if it’s just standing barefoot on the grass. Or walking on the beach. This grounds you to the Earth and all of its healing energies.
  5. Drink plenty of water. Water is essential to flush out toxins and impurities and to help keep your energy body vibrating at a high level.
  6. Soak in a bath or swim in the ocean. Salty is also good, himalayan salt, Epson salt or even just the plain old table salt will do, or a swim or soak in the salt water in oceans waters to release and draw out negativity from you. Remember to drink lots of water afterwards.
  7. Be Grateful. An attitude of gratitude is so important. Appreciate the small things. Focus on the abundance in your life. It can be a good practice to keep a gratitude diary – and write five things each day for which you are grateful.
  8. Be Kind – and expect nothing in return. Avoid gossip, negativity, and avoid others who choose to embrace these things. They can literally be toxic.
  9. Laugh – it’s the best medicine! Great for keeping your vibration really high.
  10. Sing – no matter what you sound like!. this is also known as Toning. When you hit that tone that resonates with your soul, it can be very healing, calming and relaxing.
  11. Dance – no matter what you look like!
  12. Exercise – just going for a short walk is enough to get your blood pumping. Vibration requires movement – sitting still in one place causes stagnation.
  13. See the Bigger Picture. Nothing is permanent. Appreciate the good times; try to be strong through challenges, knowing they are not forever.
  14. Reiki Healing – can be extremely effective in helping to clear energy blocks and raise your vibration.
  15. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy – QHHT – Past Life Regression can be invaluable in clearing negativity which has carried over and has nothing to do with this lifetime.
  16. Light Dynamics Healing – with a healing using Light Dynamics is also great for cutting cords, clearing negative habits, and keeping for vibration really high.

A higher vibration allows you to achieve your goals and to feel stable, creative, secure, confident, passionate, intuitive, expressive and powerful.

I am based in Rowville and Wantirna in Melbourne, so for more information please visit my web page at