By Chris Walker 20th July

We have looked at Guardian Spirits and Spirit Guides in another post; today we take a very brief look at Angels.

Almost every single religious philosophy since time immemorial has stories of and deep belief in angelic beings – as protectors and as messengers of God. Are they real? YES. But they are not the same on a soul level as we are.

Angels are celestial beings of pure Light. They are close to God. They intervene when necessary to guide and to keep us safe. They come to help when we ask for their assistance.

Like human souls, angels belong to “families”, and they belong to one of three “spheres”. Those at the highest sphere are closest to God; those at the lowest sphere are connected to the physical world. There is an array of celestial beings of Light which we call angels and which bridge the realms between God (the Source) and the physical world.

The Spheres of Angels

The First Sphere (Highest) serve as heavenly counsellors

  • Seraphim                 – said to surround the throne of God
  • Cherubim                 – guardians of Light and the Stars
  • Thrones                    – guardians of the planets

The Second Sphere are heavenly governors

  • Dominions                – integrate the realms and govern lower angelic levels
  • Virtues                       – emit divine energy
  • Powers                      – keepers of human history, angels of birth and death

The Third Sphere are heavenly messengers

  • Principalities            – guardians of cities, nations, and large groups
  • Archangels               – guardians of humans on a large scale.


    • Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel are best known.
  • Angels                       – closest to humanity. Companions and guides.


Angels of all kinds are unrestricted by time or space. They are neither male nor female, though they may be referred to or “feel” like one or the other. They are pure energy; Love and Light, though may take any form, including animals, or human form with wings to identify themselves to us. Angels take great joy from assisting us, and when you are in tune with your own intuition, you can be aware of their presence. They exist to serve.

If angels actually appear to us, it may even be in the form of a human loved one who has passed, so the recipient is less fearful. Most times, angelic “appearances” come in the way of scent, sound, light, colour, and most commonly, feelings.

When you undergo Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique with Chris Walker, remarkable and, at times, miraculous healing can occur on levels that are physical, emotional, and spiritual. Who or what affects this healing? The Super Conscious, or Beings of Pure Light. These celestial Beings are from the highest order of Angels.

To those who have not consciously experienced these effects, it might seem difficult to believe. Know in your heart and soul that angels are as real as you or I – and that it is this physical existence that is temporary and something of an illusion. Whenever you need help or guidance, you need only call on angels and ask – and you will be heard and answered. Angels will only intervene on your behalf if invited to do so.

Chris Walker was under the guidance of Dolores Cannon and her Daughter Julia Cannon, Also the super Conscious has personal taught Chris Walker more methods and expanded on this modality of healing.  Chris just loves the use on Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy.

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