Dolores Cannon Part 2 Unexpected Directions

Dolores Cannon – Part 2 Unexpected Directions

By Chris Walker 4th May

Over the years, Dolores Cannon’s work with hypnosis and past life regression evolved to an extent she could never have envisaged…

Dolores devised and refined her own method of inducing a deep, somnambulistic hypnotic state in her subjects. This was much faster than other hypnotic techniques, and allowed repeat clients to “go under” almost instantaneously at her specific suggestion. At all times, the clients were in control of where they “went”, and the most relevant past life to their current issues was where their session took them. Dolores simply guided them into the somnambulistic state, and then asked pertinent questions. The answers were sometimes astounding.

After sessions with many thousands of clients from all walks of life, Dolores was able to conclude without reservation that the results were authentic. Many sessions by strangers shared very similar if not identical results, and she became aware that she was not conversing with the conscious minds of her clients.

The vast majority of past lives uncovered were mundane – as most of our lives are. But Dolores found that she was not communicating with the personality of the client so much as with their Subconscious, and this was a powerful source of information.

Dolores discovered that our personality which resides in our body is but a tiny part of the whole of who we are. The Subconscious, however, though our conscious minds are totally unaware of its existence, is our “Higher Self”; here our eternal memories and experiences reside. The Subconscious observes all, and when contacted during deep hypnosis and past life regression therapy, it can answer any question about any past life and any life between lives. It can also enable instant healing when this is not adverse to a person’s pre-arranged Life Plan.

Clients of Dolores’ have described past lives in every historical era; from ancient Egypt to World War II, and even in prehistory, including Atlantis, in great detail. Again, strangers describe remarkably similar settings and experiences, which lends credence to their authenticity. While to many it might seem the stuff of imagination or science fiction, it is very real. Some clients have even described current life experiences with extra-terrestrial beings, of which their conscious mind is only marginally aware. Some past incarnations exposed in Dolores’ therapy, she was astonished to find, were not of the Earth. Souls incarnate all over the Universe and on many planes and in many dimensions, for many reasons.

Dolores Cannon was an active trailblazer in Past Life Regression which development into her own method called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy  QHHT for the rest of her life. She personally taught her technique to many privileged practitioners, including Chris Walker.

Dolores Cannon passed over on October 19th, 2014, following an automobile accident a few weeks prior. Her passing was unexpected. She was eighty three years old. Until the very end, she shared her gift with the world, and opened our eyes (and her own) for a glimpse of the boundless possibilities and truths which lie just behind the veil.

Now here daughter Julia Cannon is continuing the legacy that her mother started.  There worked well together, and now Julia is continuing the teaching and still learning new methods that continually development this method further.

Julia Cannon who runs the training have changed the name from  quantum healing hypnosis therapy to quantum healing hypnosis Technique.   Also now he is a Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technician (CQHHt) having completed level 2 training live with Julia Cannon and Dolores Cannon. Just a name change, but the system is also developing for more healing.

To read more about how I use this method please visit:

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