Guardian Spirits and Guides You are Never Alone

Guardian Spirits and Guides: You are Never Alone

By Chris Walker 13th July

It’s probably fair to say that almost all of us have heard the term “guardian angel”. What does it mean? Is it real? And is it the same as a spirit guide?

Angels and spirit guides help us in our physical lifetimes. We may not be aware of them, but they are there, and they leave signs.

Spirit Guides are human souls which have chosen not to incarnate physically at this time, but to work behind the scenes (so to speak) to help those of us incarnated here now. Their job is to help us grow and learn on our soul journey. In most cases, spirit guides have incarnated many, many times and are working towards a higher evolution. They may be with you for only a short time during this life’s journey; they have areas of “specialty”. For example, a person with an illness may be helped by a Healer Guide; a traveller may be protected by a Transit Guide.

Guardian Angels may not be actual angels at all, but are souls which a guiding you from birth and for your entire lifetime. They exist to guide and protect you always. Each of us has a single Guardian Angel or Lifetime Guide. This guide was chosen by your soul prior to incarnating; it is an entity which has true empathy for everything you encounter on this lifetime’s path.

Angels are heavenly beings, with different souls than ours. We will look at angels in depth another time.

How can you learn more about your angels and spirit guides? One sure way is to have a life between lives regression. Similar to a past life regression, life between lives regressions take you to the times you have spent in spirit between incarnations. It is here that your soul rests, studies, and plans the coming lifetime in physical form. During this regression you can recognise who your guide is, learn to better sense their energy, and to understand better your life path.

Other ways you can sense your spirit guides include messages they send in the following forms:

  • Synchronicities in everyday life. These “meaningful coincidences” are everywhere once you begin to recognise them.
  • Signs in the form of disappointments – you may be desperate for something to happen yet “road blocks” keep getting in the way. These road blocks are there for a reason!
  • Signs from nature – repeatedly seeing butterflies, for example
  • Financial stress – could be a message from Spirit to re-evaluate what is important, or that the timing for something you desire is not right
  • Meaningful or recurring dreams

ASK your guides for help – and listen to your intuition. Always follow your “gut feelings” – more than heart or head. This is where your true guidance comes from.

I love to introduction my clients to their guide, all are blown away with the loving messages that is just so right for them. As the guides have worked with the client life time after life time, there is the real bond of love, patents to learn what the client needs even if it take many life times to learn just one lesson.  With the past life regression work I do that was taught to me by Dolores Cannon and her Daughter Julia Cannon, I just life the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) or Past Life Regression.

I must admit, when it comes time for the client to get a loving message, this is the second best part of the session.  The messages are always profound to the client.  As the guides just know what to say, The best part is when the Super Conscious comes in to answer all the questions and performs all the healing.

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