Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy How Light Dynamics Healing is Different

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, and How Light Dynamics Healing is Different…

By Chris Walker 27th

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are very useful psychological therapeutic methods which can be effectively used to improve a person’s life.

Hypnosis involves guiding a client to a deep level of relaxation, where the subconscious mind (from which dreams arise) can be accessed.

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to allow the therapist to address certain destructive behaviours.

Chris Walker offers hypnosis and hypnotherapy in Melbourne to clients who wish to address all manner of issues, including to help them stop smoking, lose weight, eliminate anxiety and phobias, control their anger, and much more. But Chris offers a hypnotherapy service with a difference: rather than just applying a metaphorical “band aid” via hypnosis, Chris chooses to address issues at their core and at their source. He can quickly achieve this via past life regression using Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy , QHHT.  The hypnosis in the past life regression session is just like a mediation and is peaceful as can be.  All you do is tell me what you are seeing.  That is all.  You are still awake,  not out of it at all. You have to be awake to tell me what you are seeing.

Most therapeutic hypnosis involves a standardised script. There is a basic script for weight loss, one for breaking an addiction, etc. Chris, however, recognises that each person has their own unique reasons for and root causes of their issues, and that they should not be treated in a “cookie-cutter” way.

The difference with what Chris does is that each client is individually treated specifically for their own needs. Prior to using hypnotherapy to eliminate an overeating or smoking habit, for example, Chris uses hypnosis and past life regression to identify and understand the source of the issue or issues that have brought the client to Light Dynamics Healing.

The idea of past life regression may seem like fantasy or science fiction to many, however it is very real. The vast majority of people have no recollection of being here before (and, spiritually, that is the point), but every single one of us has lived on the spiritual level for eternity, and we have all lived other lives in the past in human form. We carry emotions and traumas from these incarnations at the subconscious level, and these can impact on today’s life, often in a negative way.

It’s like a person has a certain phobia, and has no idea where it came from,  it could be from childhood and the subconscious has blocked it, as this can happen with traumatic events, but it also may have from the a past life or many past lives. The reason it is still there, as there is an echo or memory print still in the current life time. This is telling you something that is needing love and healing to remove it.

Identifying, recognising, and clearing these issues during past life regression can effectively cure the resultant issue. Past lives are accessed by the client; Chris simply provides a gentle guidance to the hypnotic state where the client can access their subconscious. The client is in control at all times. Unlike hypnotherapy, the client is the one telling the “story”, not the therapist. It all comes from you.

The system of quantum healing hypnosis therapy is always changing and developing. Julia Cannon has change that to quantum healing hypnosis Technique.   Also having completed level 2 a few years ago in person with Dolores Cannon and Julia Cannon, he is also a Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technician (CQHHt).  Just a name change, but the system is also developing and growing.

Call or email Chris today to make an appointment to see him in Melbourne. Chris works in Rowville and Wantirna in the east of Melbourne. No issue is too large or too small, too simple or too complicated. Through past life regression, and then, if necessary, standard hypnotherapy, you can take back control of your life, and your happiness and peace.


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