Past Life Cause Present Life Effect

Past Life Cause; Present Life Effect:
In Depth

By Chris Walker 25th May

Are your past life experiences, unremembered consciously but very much present, impacting you negatively in this lifetime? Past life issues can manifest in an array of ways in this lifetime. Here are just a few examples of significant issues which most likely have their roots in unresolved past life traumas.

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – OCD during the present lifetime is often a manifestation of a past incarnation in which the obsessive trait was created. This is with the spiritual purpose of making one address the deeper reason as to why they are being subjected to uncontrollable thoughts and behaviours. Only when the past life trauma is healed will the obsession resolve.
  • Chronic Phobias of Unexplained Origin – many phobias have definite identifiable causes; for example, a child who falls into a pool as a toddler may have a fear of water or drowning in adult life. Phobias which are unexplained, however, which are inappropriate to a person’s circumstances and experiences, can be just as debilitating. The person may fear for their very existence – and this invariably arises from a past life experience with the reality of that particular phobia. Fears buried in the past are best healed by “reliving” the past in a hypnotic state.
  • Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia – these debilitating disorders pose a conundrum to the medical community as there is no actual physical “cause” for them. What they actually represent is a weariness at the soul level; this lifetime’s body is weighed down by past life issues and requires inordinate amounts of rest. Toxins accumulate at a cellular level; these toxins are manifestations of resonances from the past. The best thing to do, as well as have regression therapy, is to drink water to flush toxins and move the body a little every day.
  • Chronic Pain or Illness – pain or illness which is chronic but which has no identifiable medical cause may be the physical manifestation of a past life trauma. Metaphysical pain is every bit as real as physical pain, but its treatment is very different.
  • Recurring Nightmares – nightmares which are of a recurring theme (or identically recurring dreams) can be our mind’s way of dealing with (or not dealing with) past life traumas, particularly to do with physical death. Nightmares are actually a protective mechanism – working through fears in the sleep state as opposed to somehow in the awake state.

Of course, there is always the possibility that there is a present life cause for these issues, yet in most cases, when the cause is delved into via hypnosis and past life regression, using qhht or also referred quantum healing hypnosis therapy,  as  the issue is brought into this life at birth – even if it does not make itself known for many years. Past life regression  therapy is the single most effective method of understanding the cause and effects of problems in this lifetime – and with understanding and identification comes freedom.

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