Past Life Regression hypnosis and healing

Past Life Regression hypnosis and healing

By Chris Walker 23rd

Hi, I am Chris Walker from Melbourne Victoria, and I love to help people move forward in life, and by forward, I mean it is usually, but not always, to clear the past blocks people still have.  Do you know someone that is still stuck in their story and cannot get past it. They tell the same story over and over and different versions of it.  They cannot just get over what has hurt them.  This is where the past life regression work I do, cuts through all this.  We get to the root cause or the first point of where this occurred.  This can be in this life time or a previous life time.  But normally the answers as to why it happened or is affecting you now, comes up in a past life.

Have you ever met a person with a certain phobia of let’s say drowning.  They have never had an experience of draining, but they can be petrified of water and drowning.  Avoiding water and swimming or even just putting their feet into the sea.  This is a sure tell tale sign of a past life trauma that is still being carried forward into this life time.  It could be the last life time, or 10 life times.

With the past life regression session I do, I do not guide you into a certain life.  I let the beings I work with give you the best life to show you.  How many lives have we lives.  It is usually 100′s. and just not on this planet either.  That is really hard for some people to get there head around.  But if you Google NASA, there are about 200 Billion plants in our Galaxy alone.  Yes 200 Billion and NASA also thinks there are about 100 to 400 Billion Galaxies in our universe.  I have no idea how many universes there are as well.  This place is so massive, I cannot get my head around that figures.  I guess I am use to a solar system with a few planets around it. this method of past life regression is a certain type developed by Dolores cannon and now her daughter Julia Cannon is continue the work from her mother,  Dolores Sadly past away on the 19th October 2014.  Her special method of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy or QHHT, is the reason I do this work.  I love to help people and this method helps so many people.

With the hypnosis work I also do, it is just not past life regression, but this is the main type of work I do.  I can also take a person back to a traumatic time in this life time using general hypnosis.  This method can show a personal what went on.  I can also have it, that you are not affected by the event as well.  I can take the emotion out of it.  Again once it is all understood, the healing can take place.  the mind is a strange thing at times.  For a very traumatic even the conscious mind can block details of painful events for it’s won protection.

Also Hypnotherapy work also I do, is weight control, over eating, stop smoking, issues that cannot be explained by normal medicine all that, but because of the results I get, when a past life is shown and understood by you, the results are much more effective.

During a past life session, at some stage I am now taking each client though to the spirit world.  I will not say what happens there to you, as I want you to experience it, the way you do, without me putting ideas into your head.  The one thing I will say is I get most clients a beautiful message from the guide or guardian angel.  They are also doing healing on my clients, which is just so beautiful and loving.

I also do hands on healing using Reiki that I was taught 18 years ago. and also light dynamics a new system for personal growth and awakening.  this energy is really nice, gentle and profound.  It does move things quickly.  most of the time it is like a warm energy moving through you.  Some people need a lot of healing and sometimes a healing crises and big shift happens.  But for me, it is a tangible thing to feel.

Julia Cannon who runs the training for all QHHT practitioners, has changed the name from  quantum healing hypnosis therapy to quantum healing hypnosis Technique.   Also now he is a Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technician (CQHHt) having studied under both Julia Cannon and Dolores Cannon.  Just a name change, but the system is also developing for more healing.

To get more  information please contact Chris walker on 0413-744-447 or visit


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