Past Lives Children Remember

Past Lives Children Remember

By Chris Walker 22nd June

The vast majority of us need to delve into past life regression via hypnosis in order to consciously remember our past lifetimes in any detail. We may have recurring dreams or nightmares, affinity with past eras or places, or fears or phobias which reflect past life memories which are hidden deep in the subconscious, but very few of us actually have a conscious sense of our past without a past life regression session.

Children, however, may be different. There are a significant number of small children who do spontaneously remember past lives; it is often those who died in a traumatic and sudden way in their prior lifetime who remember and talk about the past.

It seems that for many children, spontaneous memories of a past lifetime and talking about them is quite natural. A newer concept in the West, it has been long accepted as the norm in other cultures, with many, many children remembering and being encouraged to talk about these memories..

Very small toddlers may suddenly begin talking about “when I died”, “my other mummy”, “when I was a grown up”, or “who I was before”. They are matter of fact and relate details with a maturity far beyond their years. As they get older, there may be traumatic memories and nightmares. Some talk about events and people from the past, of which they could feasibly know nothing.

Many children have described memories in so much detail that, with research, families have been able to verify the factuality of what is remembered. Some children reincarnate within the same family, others come to be with complete strangers in other parts of the world.

Signs your child is carrying past life memories at or near the surface of their consciousness include:

  • Behaviour that is advanced for their age
  • Remarkable skills at a young age
  • Specific memories
  • Uncanny ability with or knowledge of other languages
  • Traumatic memories or recurrent nightmares
  • Night terrors
  • Inexplicable phobias
  • Morbid drawings with a recurring theme
  • Between life memories, including of choosing parents in this life
  • Talk about another mother
  • Talk of a long dead family member

Past life memories in early childhood are only an issue if they cause upset to the child. If trauma is being relived or the past becomes an obsession, it’s a good idea to seek advice from a past life regression therapist. In smaller children, regression is usually not the answer, but counselling of parents can be helpful to facilitate understanding and set supportive mechanisms in place. Children don’t become good subjects for regression until adolescence.

Children seem to have the ability to remember and recount past lives between the ages of two and five, with most memories lost by the age of eight. (Incidentally, this is also the age which most children lose the ability to see spirits).

Our souls are experienced and we come to teach as well as to learn. We are all born with our soul’s memories consciously wiped clean – though sometimes some memories remain.

Spontaneous past life memories from children are the single most convincing proof of the veracity of reincarnation and serve to legitimise the experiences of adults having past life regression.

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