What is Your Soul Type

What is Your Soul Type – Part One

By Chris Walker 3rd August

The soul that we are, incarnated into our current body, is but a part of the whole of who we are. There are wider aspects of the soul, namely the Higher Self, which serve to guide that portion which has incarnated at this time (for example, via intuition). Each individual soul is so much more than that aspect of it that is here in the physical right now. And each individual soul is a tiny part of the Whole which is itself an expression of the Universe and God.

According to information which has come through from the Superconscious Beings of Light in quantum healing hypnosis technique, each of us is a soul which will have one of seven distinct vibration types. An analogy to help explain this comes from channelled teachings from the Archangel Michael: imagine a prism which splits white light into seven distinct colours. When the “God” Consciousness is cast into the physical Universe, it is expressed as distinct soul types. These are:

  • Priest (19%)
  • Artisan (29%)
  • Sage (8%)
  • Server (16%)
  • Scholar (17%)
  • King (4%)
  • Warrior (7%)

Every single one of us falls into one of these groups. Like there are trillions of stars in the cosmos, there are only seven types of star. So, there are billions of souls – yet only seven broad types of soul. Each type has its own role to play.

  • “Priests” are, by nature, motivating, visionary, uplifting, energising and inspirational.
  • “Artisans” are imaginative, creative, inventive, and sensitive
  • “Sages” are articulate, expressive, charming and entertaining
  • “Servers” are caring, nurturing, hospitable, altruistic, and accommodating
  • “Scholars” are academic, studious, curious, and analytical
  • “Kings” are commanding, authoritative, decisive, and self-assured
  • “Warriors” are loyal, protective, determined, steadfast, and loyal.

Every single one of us falls into one of these groups, though it is common to have qualities from many or all groups. This applies to those currently incarnated and also those between lives. The artisan is the most common soul type, the king the least common. Soul type has not impact on position in life; someone who is a King type will not necessarily be a king, and a royal king may actually be a Server. A housewife may actually be a Warrior and a Sage may be incarnated as a singer.

Next time we will look at the Soul Types more in depth…

*Source: PersonalitySpirituality.net

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