The Spiritual Cause of a Mid Life Crisis

The Spiritual Cause of a Mid Life Crisis

By Chris Walker 10th August

The term “mid life crisis” is one with many stereotypes attached to it, yet it is, for many, a very real phenomenon. While the stereotype suggests a time that is dysfunctional, with extramarital affairs and relationship breakdown, immature risk taking, frivolous spending and a stubborn refusal to accept oneself as getting older, there is a much deeper meaning to these outward signs – and the time can actually be approached as a very functional one.

The fact is that when we first incarnate, we know deep inside exactly who we are. Thanks to conditioning and the expectations of family and society, not to mention the ego, we forget, and in many cases step completely away from the path of our life’s plan and spiritual role and goal chosen for this lifetime. (An example was perfectly illustrated when a woman I know found her school writing book from Grade One in 1980. In it, her six year old self had expressed her ultimate dream to “travel all over the world and learn everything”. She had totally forgotten that this was what she knew she wanted at such a young age – and it reflected exactly who she was finding herself to be in mid life. The time between had been spent on a very different path).

It is during midlife, usually between the ages of thirty-five and fifty-five, that we remember those long forgotten true aspects of ourselves. We realise the life we have created isn’t what we really want or need; the impressive job title and income, the poorly considered marriage, the constant care for what others think – none of these things have any true meaning to us. Children may be approaching adulthood and we can feel at a loss. It’s time to find a truer, deeper meaning in our existence.

Some signs of a midlife crisis include:

  • Feelings of regret for a “wasted” life
  • Feeling trapped
  • A sudden desire to leave one’s job
  • A sudden desire to move to another location
  • Actively ending relationships and friendships without looking back
  • Exploring new religions and philosophies
  • Complete change in interests
  • Irritability and tiredness
  • Extreme changes to eating, exercising, and sleeping patterns
  • Making changes to appearance – fashion style, hair, etc
  • Rediscovering interests and hobbies dropped in adolescence
  • Lack of interest in material things when previously it mattered a lot
  • More care for the natural world
  • Desiring a simpler life
  • No longer recognising oneself


A midlife crisis may be better termed as a midlife awakening, or a midlife transformation. It represents a major spiritual shift and can feel very similar to other awakening symptoms and the raising of one’s vibration. It does not need to be cured; it needs to be traversed.

Midlife can be either a productive or destructive time – it all depends on your perception and choices. If you are struggling during this transformative time, quantum healing hypnosis technique or QHHT developed from over 40 years by Dolores Cannon and now her Daughter Julia Cannon is continuing  this legacy that Dolores started over 40 years ago.

Chris Walker is very blessed to learn from Dolores Cannon and Julia Cannon personally. This can be invaluable. It can offer clarity understanding, and even bliss in the new and exciting direction your life will take in the coming months and years. Midlife and awakening is to be celebrated, not dreaded – so take the steps you need to approach it with an open and joyful heart.

Next week we will look at some other tips for how to embrace this transformation and how it can play out for a positive outcome.

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