Suicide is NEVER the Answer

Suicide is NEVER the Answer

By Chris Walker 15th June

Life can be very challenging. It can be messy, and at times, for at least some of us, it can seem like too much to bear. Whether pain is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, sometimes the burden is too great and people consider suicide as an option. Here we briefly explain why, from a soul point of view, suicide is never the answer.

Before we are born into this incarnation, we plan our lifetime and relationships in detail. Our souls make contracts to address certain issues during the lifetime. Events in our lifetimes have purpose and are but a small pathwayon the journeys of our souls. Ultimately, we are all lead to the Light.

When one commits suicide, one breaks the soul contract they have made prior to incarnating into this lifetime. Current issues are left unresolved and the return to the Light is interrupted. Whatever issue was too painful to deal with will have to be addressed in a future life – and the act of suicide (murder of self) may actually take many, many lives to rectify.

Suicide has different karmic consequences for different souls, yet the common factor is that, with suicide, there is never resolution. There is just a renewed opportunity to start again with the same issues. For some souls, it is a lesson in itself that they have chosen to experience. Suicide will only be successful if the soul had agreed to revisit the same challenges in another lifetime.

We never agree to take on more than what we can handle – though it may seem at times to the contrary. If the soul truly is struggling, there are other ways it can be released from its contract. These are difficult to understand, but may include “walk-ins”, as described by Dolores Cannon (where another soul, by agreement, takes the place in the body under extreme circumstances; the second soul which agrees to complete the lifetime on behalf of the one which is too fragile to continue will come in usually with the memories of the soul it is replacing). Alternatively, there are times in life when we may be given an “exit option”; for example, a life-threatening illness or injury is sustained, and on a soul level one chooses whether to end the physical lifetime then or recover and continue as originally planned. When one’s lessons for a lifetime have been learned, the soul can manifest a situation which will lead to physical death and release.

Suicide is not a choice made by the Higher Self; it is made by the limited consciousness we are aware of in the human mind in physical form. It is an active choice to never allow the possibility for a better day or a happier outcome in this lifetime. It denies the soul’s ultimate reason for being alive in human form. Suicide is an act which inherently denies the ultimate wisdom of the soul and of the Higher Self.

If you or someone you know is struggling and having thoughts of suicide, quantum healing hypnosis technique and past life regression can be very helpful to remember the true self and the reasons why one is here now. When this has been remembered, thoughts of suicide usually disappear. Clients can find the peace they have been searching for and find a new sense of strength to keep pushing forward. With a past life regression, this can help reconnect your to you and who you truly are.

*Issues such as euthanasia and abortion may be viewed differently from suicide under certain circumstances; these will be addressed in the future.

Dolores Cannon and Julie Canon that use QHHT or also referred to quantum healing hypnosis technique method have taught me the techniques they have used for decades.


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