What is a Soul Group

What is a soul group

By Chris Walker 1st June

We have all heard the term “soul mate”; it is common in literature and poetry, and the concept is widely used in modern conversational rhetoric. But what about the term “soul group”? What does it mean, and how does it affect each of us? A Soul Group is a group of souls who reincarnate together on a frequent basis. They were created together, and both teach, support, and learn from each other during and between lives. They are souls who have been together through countless lifetimes, and who have been together in the ethereal realms, where we all inhabit our lives between physical incarnations. Agreements are made between soul group members to meet and interact at some specific time during incarnation. Those within our soul group are like our spiritual family.

We pre-arrange and choose our experiences and our lessons before incarnating; for example, we choose our parents, siblings, partners, teachers, and friends, and these other souls help us (and we them) during our mission to learn lessons in the next lifetime. Many are members of our soul group. When each of us is born, we already have our character, personality, strengths and weaknesses, talents, and abilities formed. It is what we do with these and how we handle our lessons which is the purpose of incarnating. The members of the soul group are those who help with these life lessons. We meet certain people in life not by coincidence, but at the most opportune time; these people are members of our soul group. People may not belong to just one soul group; one soul may be a member of many overlapping groups, and we can be linked in this way to thousands, even millions, of people. We have many pre-arranged contracts to meet, interact with, and share our path with others at various stages of life.

A soul group can be very small or utterly enormous. All vibrate on the same frequency and members sense the presence of each other. This is why we may be inexplicably drawn to a stranger. On the soul level, we are anything but strangers to each other! Not everyone in a soul group will incarnate together at the same time, every time. How can you tell if someone is a member of your soul group?

  • They will support you regardless of the circumstances, good or bad
  • There is instant familiarity and chemistry between you – you share a goal, a belief system, or simply just “get” each other
  • They encourage you and recognise your potential – they take pleasure in your successes
  • They are honest and direct with you for the betterment of your situation
  • They are sensitive to your feelings
  • They will uplift you
  • Energy exchange between you is equal –giving and taking on both sides

One of the benefits of past life regression and quantum healing hypnosis technique is that, particularly when exploring life between lives, we can identify our soul group, and remember our contracts. This can greatly enhance our interactions in life and our appreciation and understanding for others who walk this journey alongside us. Contact Chris to learn about qhht, quantum healing hypnosis therapy

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