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Energy healing techniques and methods

Energy healing techniques and methods

By Chris Walker 16h

There are many different methods and techniques for alternative healing these days.  New information gets channelled and new methods are developed. Take Reiki for example, this was developed from the late 1800′s and from 1890′s to 1910 Mikao Usui trained people to use this new system. To the newest system I have been trained in and this was channelled by Jennifer Valente in 2012. This new energy that has opened up to us is for accelerating people to awaken even quicker.

Other methods and techniques of spiritual healing are that I also use are crystal healing, charka healing and light dynamics, which is simular to Reiki. All effective to moving people forward in life.

There is a lot of information about this spiritual awakening that is going on at the moment.  There are many separate sources of information all confirming each other.  For myself personally,  I have been attending a channelling session once a month where the guides have been coming in teaching us about the ascension that is happening.  This awaking and ascension energy is getting strong over the past 3 years.  Dolores Cannon and Julie Cannon also talk about and teach their students about the session they have had with their clients, all confirming the same thing, that as humans, this is a very special time to be here to grow. Dolores Cannon has many books also written on this and other topics of spiritual and personal awakening.  The past life regression that I was taught from Dolores and Julia Cannon is a great technique of healing.  this type is called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) .  This can move issues very quickly once identified as a pattern in a past life and or a current life.

I have personally experienced almost all the signs of ascension. The biggest was the dizziness and the next one was sleep, waking up 32 times at 1:30 and 3:30 like clockwork for 3 months. and walking down the hall and bumping into the door way as my perception of space is changing.  This has settled down.  The guides that come in each month in the channelling sessions, told us the dizziness are the charkas spinning quicker, as they can handle more energy now  and our physical body is adjusting to catch up to this. This is a slow process as they don’t want us burning out as they say.  I have worked on myself a lot over the past 2 years.  I am at a point where life is very Zen for me and my manifestations are coming in.  but I do tell you, I had to do the work to break patterns and that self talk most of us have.  Light Dynamics  was a very big part of that for me.

Crystal healing is very interesting as well as it harnesses the energy of the crystal or crystals and more than one when combined change the resonance of the frequencies of the crystals together.  When places on the charkas or around the body, they also help activate and put back into balance the charkas or energy centres and the energetic body forms.

Chakra healing is also very good for rebalancing and get your emotional state very stable.  This can be done with crystals, or energy work.  I personally love to use light Dynamics or Reiki energy for this.  The hands on healing, well actually it is more hands off, working with the energy bodies that affect the physical body.  But it is nice to anchor the physical to the feet and the head of my clients.

This energy healing of light dynamics for example that I use. is a very profound energy,  some client just feel and gentle warm and a rocking feeling while on the table in a session. While others can have a big shift and sometime a cathartic healing or also know as a healing crises happens.  This needed sometimes and the client might not feel well for a day or 2.  This is when a lot of stuff is shifting quickly.  So I know and the client also knows they are getting a major healing.  This does not happen all the time, but I have to let people know it can.

There are also many energies coming into our world from plantitary alignments.  The planets I have been told, act like giant crystals in our solar system and also our galaxy.  to help see it in your mind you have to talk your prospective our of our plant earth and look at our solar system and other solar system to help understand this.  But as people are awakening, they are starting to feel the effects of these spiritual energies more and more.  So an energy balance is great to settle you down and ground you as well.  Grounding is also a big thing at the moment.  I also find it hard to ground at times.

Chris Walker is based in Melbourne Victoria and is a very experienced energy healer. He studied Reiki back in 1990′s.

The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking

By Chris Walker 6th

Positive Thinking. For some of us, it comes naturally. For others, it represents a big daily challenge. Yet positive thinking is not just imperative for our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing; it is also important, as what we think creates our reality. Positive thoughts breed positive outcomes; unfortunately, negative thoughts breed their own negative counterparts.

Positive thinking is imperative to achieve success. It can literally change your reality; if you believe at the deepest level that good will come, it will. Likewise, if you believe that things will be bad – they will. A positive attitude fosters happy, pleasant, optimistic feelings – and we reflect this to the outside world. The converse applies for a negative attitude. Positivity and negativity are contagious – just spend time with an unrelentingly negative person and see how awful you feel!

Science supports this theory. Patients who have been diagnosed with cancer or who are undergoing heart surgery, for example, do much better if they have a positive outlook to their prognosis than do those with a negative outlook – even if contrary to doctors’ predictions. There are some cancer patients who are given “six months to live’; a negative outlook may translate to their demise right on or before six months, whereas a very positive mindset may see a patient live for much longer and even experience a remission of sorts – against all odds.

Why do some of us have such a hard time with thinking positively? Sometimes life seems to throw us one challenge after another, and it can seem that we are in a never-ending well of unfortunate events or bad luck. For some of us, we have been raised in a negative environment; a parent with an unrelentingly negative outlook will foster this in their offspring. What we learn in childhood is difficult to unlearn.

Past life experiences can also impact on our ability to create and nurture positive thought patterns. These experiences can wound us at a soul level; if we can’t clear and rise above these long-past but unforgotten experiences, we carry these wounds with us and they create more havoc in this lifetime. These wounds represent a block in our spiritual flow; it may relate to relationships, emotions, beliefs, finances, physical ailments, or basic human needs. It may simply be expressed as a negative mindset. Past life regression is invaluable in identifying, healing, and releasing these wounds so that their impact in this lifetime becomes irrelevant.

Past life regression in Melbourne with Chris Walker is a remarkable way to explore and heal the impact of previous experiences from past incarnations. Whether you have any memory of, or even a belief in, past lives, each and every one of us has “been here before”. Everything we experience is held within the deep subconscious and we even carry it as a cellular memory.  Whether you have fears, phobias, health or relationship issues, financial woes, or simply an inexplicably negative outlook towards life, it quite possibly relates to the past and it can be healed. Call Chris Walker who is a QHHT practitioner, today to learn how he can help you to help yourself for a brighter, happier, more positive future.

Another way to also dissolve these fears is an energy healing, like Reiki or Light Dynamics.  this can also work really well.  you will be in bliss for the hour,  but I really do prefer the past life regression session also referred to as QHHT or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, which is a method of past life regression therapy, that was development by Dolores Cannon and now by Julia Cannon her daughter.  The reason I like this better as so much more gets cleared so much quicker.

Anxiety: Is Hypnotherapy the Answer?

Anxiety: Is Hypnotherapy the Answer?

By Chris Walker

There are times in life when each and every one of us will feel anxious – worry about an exam or job interview; public speaking; first date; financial concerns; or anticipating medical results. Anxiety is a natural, biological response to daily pressures that proves we are human.

For some of us, however, anxiety can be out of control and intrude on our lives on a daily basis.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is a condition whereby the person feels anxious and worried most, if not all, of the time. These feelings interfere with daily life to varying extents; they may relate to any or every aspect of life, even when conditions are good. Work, health, finances, safety of family members, and even minor considerations such as household chores can become the focus of uncontrolled worries and feelings of impending doom.

It is estimated that one in seven Australians experiences an anxiety disorder at some time in their life, and up to six percent will experience generalised anxiety disorder. More common in women, it usually manifests for the first time during a person’s twenties, yet can occur at any age. Often, some symptoms are present in childhood, but the disorder develops more during adolescence. The underlying cause is often not known or understood; may sufferers describe themselves as lifelong “worriers”. Sufferers tend to be perfectionists, and see small problems as potentially major catastrophes.

GAD can be a debilitating issue and is often eventually accompanied by related issues such as depression, panic disorder, and social phobia. Sometimes, psychosomatic physical symptoms may develop as a result of the emotional issue. Many sufferers who seek help are placed on antidepressant or anti-anxiety medications by their doctor. While helpful, these medications have their own consequences and do not address the underlying problem.

What is the answer?

Hypnotherapy can help – quickly, without chemically altering the brain or body, while working on the root of the anxiety. In a calm and relaxed atmosphere, of confidentiality and trust, the clinical hypnotherapist will be able to evaluate the anxiety issue of their client. Questions that must be answered include: Is the anxiety organic? Is there a physiological cause (for example, hypoglycaemia, or caffeine use)? Does the client have depression? Is there a family history of anxiety? Was the client’s upbringing one of calm or turmoil? Are there attendant phobias, post traumatic stress, obsessive compulsive disorder, or other conditions?

Hypnotherapy can help the anxious client to gain control of their anxiety and gain the upper hand over it. Clients are given the tools to stop expecting the worst or catastrophizing, to stop panic attacks, to overcome fear, and to deal with the original root cause of the anxiety. As a result, the client will regain confidence, the ability to relax, and find solutions for dealing with difficult circumstances.

The end result is a much enhanced quality of life. Hypnotherapy clearly is the answer.

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