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The Spiritual Cause of a Mid Life Crisis

The Spiritual Cause of a Mid Life Crisis

By Chris Walker 10th August

The term “mid life crisis” is one with many stereotypes attached to it, yet it is, for many, a very real phenomenon. While the stereotype suggests a time that is dysfunctional, with extramarital affairs and relationship breakdown, immature risk taking, frivolous spending and a stubborn refusal to accept oneself as getting older, there is a much deeper meaning to these outward signs – and the time can actually be approached as a very functional one.

The fact is that when we first incarnate, we know deep inside exactly who we are. Thanks to conditioning and the expectations of family and society, not to mention the ego, we forget, and in many cases step completely away from the path of our life’s plan and spiritual role and goal chosen for this lifetime. (An example was perfectly illustrated when a woman I know found her school writing book from Grade One in 1980. In it, her six year old self had expressed her ultimate dream to “travel all over the world and learn everything”. She had totally forgotten that this was what she knew she wanted at such a young age – and it reflected exactly who she was finding herself to be in mid life. The time between had been spent on a very different path).

It is during midlife, usually between the ages of thirty-five and fifty-five, that we remember those long forgotten true aspects of ourselves. We realise the life we have created isn’t what we really want or need; the impressive job title and income, the poorly considered marriage, the constant care for what others think – none of these things have any true meaning to us. Children may be approaching adulthood and we can feel at a loss. It’s time to find a truer, deeper meaning in our existence.

Some signs of a midlife crisis include:

  • Feelings of regret for a “wasted” life
  • Feeling trapped
  • A sudden desire to leave one’s job
  • A sudden desire to move to another location
  • Actively ending relationships and friendships without looking back
  • Exploring new religions and philosophies
  • Complete change in interests
  • Irritability and tiredness
  • Extreme changes to eating, exercising, and sleeping patterns
  • Making changes to appearance – fashion style, hair, etc
  • Rediscovering interests and hobbies dropped in adolescence
  • Lack of interest in material things when previously it mattered a lot
  • More care for the natural world
  • Desiring a simpler life
  • No longer recognising oneself


A midlife crisis may be better termed as a midlife awakening, or a midlife transformation. It represents a major spiritual shift and can feel very similar to other awakening symptoms and the raising of one’s vibration. It does not need to be cured; it needs to be traversed.

Midlife can be either a productive or destructive time – it all depends on your perception and choices. If you are struggling during this transformative time, quantum healing hypnosis technique or QHHT developed from over 40 years by Dolores Cannon and now her Daughter Julia Cannon is continuing  this legacy that Dolores started over 40 years ago.

Chris Walker is very blessed to learn from Dolores Cannon and Julia Cannon personally. This can be invaluable. It can offer clarity understanding, and even bliss in the new and exciting direction your life will take in the coming months and years. Midlife and awakening is to be celebrated, not dreaded – so take the steps you need to approach it with an open and joyful heart.

Next week we will look at some other tips for how to embrace this transformation and how it can play out for a positive outcome.

What is Your Soul Type

What is Your Soul Type – Part One

By Chris Walker 3rd August

The soul that we are, incarnated into our current body, is but a part of the whole of who we are. There are wider aspects of the soul, namely the Higher Self, which serve to guide that portion which has incarnated at this time (for example, via intuition). Each individual soul is so much more than that aspect of it that is here in the physical right now. And each individual soul is a tiny part of the Whole which is itself an expression of the Universe and God.

According to information which has come through from the Superconscious Beings of Light in quantum healing hypnosis technique, each of us is a soul which will have one of seven distinct vibration types. An analogy to help explain this comes from channelled teachings from the Archangel Michael: imagine a prism which splits white light into seven distinct colours. When the “God” Consciousness is cast into the physical Universe, it is expressed as distinct soul types. These are:

  • Priest (19%)
  • Artisan (29%)
  • Sage (8%)
  • Server (16%)
  • Scholar (17%)
  • King (4%)
  • Warrior (7%)

Every single one of us falls into one of these groups. Like there are trillions of stars in the cosmos, there are only seven types of star. So, there are billions of souls – yet only seven broad types of soul. Each type has its own role to play.

  • “Priests” are, by nature, motivating, visionary, uplifting, energising and inspirational.
  • “Artisans” are imaginative, creative, inventive, and sensitive
  • “Sages” are articulate, expressive, charming and entertaining
  • “Servers” are caring, nurturing, hospitable, altruistic, and accommodating
  • “Scholars” are academic, studious, curious, and analytical
  • “Kings” are commanding, authoritative, decisive, and self-assured
  • “Warriors” are loyal, protective, determined, steadfast, and loyal.

Every single one of us falls into one of these groups, though it is common to have qualities from many or all groups. This applies to those currently incarnated and also those between lives. The artisan is the most common soul type, the king the least common. Soul type has not impact on position in life; someone who is a King type will not necessarily be a king, and a royal king may actually be a Server. A housewife may actually be a Warrior and a Sage may be incarnated as a singer.

Next time we will look at the Soul Types more in depth…

*Source: PersonalitySpirituality.net

Spiritual Declutter

Spiritual Declutter

By Chris Walker 27nd July

As much as having past life regression in Melbourne with Chris can help to clear unwanted “baggage” that you carry at a soul level, there is much to be gained by also paying attention to more tangible ways of clearing your inner space. And this can be achieved by clearing your outer physical space.

There is a famous ancient Chinese proverb; to paraphrase it: “a cluttered space equals a cluttered mind”. This is uncannily true. Physical clutter in your home, workplace, car or overall environment encumbers you in a myriad of ways; it is a distraction. Likewise, metaphorical clutter does the same. Clutter comes in many forms:

  • An overabundance of physical “stuff”
  • Slavery to materialistic wants
  • Obsessive pursuit of the acquisition of the latest designer trend
  • Too much concern about what others think
  • Racing thoughts and mental chaos
  • Exhaustion, worry and stress
  • Financial burden
  • Unhealthy relationships
  • Unfulfilling job you hate
  • Obsessive thought loops and phobias
  • Negative thought patterns
  • Living to please someone else at the expense of your own peace and happiness
  • Not living in the moment

Being a slave to clutter blocks our chakras, forces us into a rut, wastes time, and causes us to lose focus. We become mired down and our vibration falls.

How can you spiritually Declutter?

  • Clean out your physical space. Throw away, recycle or donate anything you no longer use, want, or need. Be ruthless. If something is broken, get rid of it. If it’s not beautiful, useful, or meaningful to you in a deep seated way, get rid of it.
  • Meditate
  • Keep a journal and let go of worries via it
  • Get out into nature; walk in the fresh air and sunshine. Even sitting on the ground in a park or garden is incredibly healing.
  • Eat fresh clean food
  • Seek help to address and overcome addictions of all kinds
  • Sleep well
  • Seek a work/life balance; at the end of your life, it’s not work and career that you will look back on with love or regret – it is interpersonal relationships.
  • Banish negative thoughts and fears. They serve no positive purpose. Write them down on paper with a pencil, and safely burn it, releasing the angst.
  • Clear your space with white sage smudging
  • Burn scented candles and use essential oils
  • Use crystals in your home; even a display of crystals that appeal to you can be very powerful
  • Open windows to let fresh clean air into and through your home
  • Have a chakra healing in Melbourne with Chris to rebalance your inner energy centres
  • Sing or listen to music
  • Clear out emails, social media, and other such connections and keep only the ones that really matter
  • Eliminate unhealthy or toxic connections from your life; lovingly release people who hold you down or back.
  • Do something you love for yourself every single day – a relaxing bath, reading book, watching a favourite program on TV, meeting a friend for tea or coffee.

A clutter-free life allows you to be free of fear, anger, resentment, and jealousy and envy. Your intuition, wisdom, appreciation, gratitude, inner joy and clarity of mind will grow, and your inner vibration will rise. And that is what you are here for!

See Chris Walker for a range of modalities that will reduce the clutter in your life, Past life regression and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) if the fastest way to clear the blocks.



By Chris Walker 20th July

We have looked at Guardian Spirits and Spirit Guides in another post; today we take a very brief look at Angels.

Almost every single religious philosophy since time immemorial has stories of and deep belief in angelic beings – as protectors and as messengers of God. Are they real? YES. But they are not the same on a soul level as we are.

Angels are celestial beings of pure Light. They are close to God. They intervene when necessary to guide and to keep us safe. They come to help when we ask for their assistance.

Like human souls, angels belong to “families”, and they belong to one of three “spheres”. Those at the highest sphere are closest to God; those at the lowest sphere are connected to the physical world. There is an array of celestial beings of Light which we call angels and which bridge the realms between God (the Source) and the physical world.

The Spheres of Angels

The First Sphere (Highest) serve as heavenly counsellors

  • Seraphim                 – said to surround the throne of God
  • Cherubim                 – guardians of Light and the Stars
  • Thrones                    – guardians of the planets

The Second Sphere are heavenly governors

  • Dominions                – integrate the realms and govern lower angelic levels
  • Virtues                       – emit divine energy
  • Powers                      – keepers of human history, angels of birth and death

The Third Sphere are heavenly messengers

  • Principalities            – guardians of cities, nations, and large groups
  • Archangels               – guardians of humans on a large scale.


    • Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel are best known.
  • Angels                       – closest to humanity. Companions and guides.


Angels of all kinds are unrestricted by time or space. They are neither male nor female, though they may be referred to or “feel” like one or the other. They are pure energy; Love and Light, though may take any form, including animals, or human form with wings to identify themselves to us. Angels take great joy from assisting us, and when you are in tune with your own intuition, you can be aware of their presence. They exist to serve.

If angels actually appear to us, it may even be in the form of a human loved one who has passed, so the recipient is less fearful. Most times, angelic “appearances” come in the way of scent, sound, light, colour, and most commonly, feelings.

When you undergo Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique with Chris Walker, remarkable and, at times, miraculous healing can occur on levels that are physical, emotional, and spiritual. Who or what affects this healing? The Super Conscious, or Beings of Pure Light. These celestial Beings are from the highest order of Angels.

To those who have not consciously experienced these effects, it might seem difficult to believe. Know in your heart and soul that angels are as real as you or I – and that it is this physical existence that is temporary and something of an illusion. Whenever you need help or guidance, you need only call on angels and ask – and you will be heard and answered. Angels will only intervene on your behalf if invited to do so.

Chris Walker was under the guidance of Dolores Cannon and her Daughter Julia Cannon, Also the super Conscious has personal taught Chris Walker more methods and expanded on this modality of healing.  Chris just loves the use on Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy.

Guardian Spirits and Guides You are Never Alone

Guardian Spirits and Guides: You are Never Alone

By Chris Walker 13th July

It’s probably fair to say that almost all of us have heard the term “guardian angel”. What does it mean? Is it real? And is it the same as a spirit guide?

Angels and spirit guides help us in our physical lifetimes. We may not be aware of them, but they are there, and they leave signs.

Spirit Guides are human souls which have chosen not to incarnate physically at this time, but to work behind the scenes (so to speak) to help those of us incarnated here now. Their job is to help us grow and learn on our soul journey. In most cases, spirit guides have incarnated many, many times and are working towards a higher evolution. They may be with you for only a short time during this life’s journey; they have areas of “specialty”. For example, a person with an illness may be helped by a Healer Guide; a traveller may be protected by a Transit Guide.

Guardian Angels may not be actual angels at all, but are souls which a guiding you from birth and for your entire lifetime. They exist to guide and protect you always. Each of us has a single Guardian Angel or Lifetime Guide. This guide was chosen by your soul prior to incarnating; it is an entity which has true empathy for everything you encounter on this lifetime’s path.

Angels are heavenly beings, with different souls than ours. We will look at angels in depth another time.

How can you learn more about your angels and spirit guides? One sure way is to have a life between lives regression. Similar to a past life regression, life between lives regressions take you to the times you have spent in spirit between incarnations. It is here that your soul rests, studies, and plans the coming lifetime in physical form. During this regression you can recognise who your guide is, learn to better sense their energy, and to understand better your life path.

Other ways you can sense your spirit guides include messages they send in the following forms:

  • Synchronicities in everyday life. These “meaningful coincidences” are everywhere once you begin to recognise them.
  • Signs in the form of disappointments – you may be desperate for something to happen yet “road blocks” keep getting in the way. These road blocks are there for a reason!
  • Signs from nature – repeatedly seeing butterflies, for example
  • Financial stress – could be a message from Spirit to re-evaluate what is important, or that the timing for something you desire is not right
  • Meaningful or recurring dreams

ASK your guides for help – and listen to your intuition. Always follow your “gut feelings” – more than heart or head. This is where your true guidance comes from.

I love to introduction my clients to their guide, all are blown away with the loving messages that is just so right for them. As the guides have worked with the client life time after life time, there is the real bond of love, patents to learn what the client needs even if it take many life times to learn just one lesson.  With the past life regression work I do that was taught to me by Dolores Cannon and her Daughter Julia Cannon, I just life the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) or Past Life Regression.

I must admit, when it comes time for the client to get a loving message, this is the second best part of the session.  The messages are always profound to the client.  As the guides just know what to say, The best part is when the Super Conscious comes in to answer all the questions and performs all the healing.

Contact Chris Walker on the contact us page for more information



By Chris Walker 6th July

“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”

When we are done wrong by another, it can be easy and even appealing to harbour and cultivate anger, hurt, bitterness, a sense of offense, and even a desire for revenge. Yet it is through embracing forgiveness that we can move forward.

Why do we hold grudges?

Grudges are so easy for humans to hold. When we are upset, angry or confused, it is easy to dwell and ruminate on hurtful events and situations, blaming others and becoming caught in a vortex of resentment and bitterness.

Grudge holding is unhealthy. It brings negativity and anger into every facet of your life. You become bitterly mired in the past, depressed, anxious, and ultimately unpleasant to be around.

What is Forgiveness? It is the decision to release resentment and thoughts of vengeance towards another. You may not forget the act which hurt you, and you don’t deny, justify, or minimise the action or its impact, but you release its hold on you.

Forgiveness is a powerful tool for self-healing. It allows you to move forward. So many of us think that we forgive for the benefit of the other person; in fact, the one who benefits most from your forgiveness is YOU. Forgiveness brings YOU peace. Any impact it has on the other person is ultimately irrelevant.

How can forgiveness benefit you?

  • Greater sense of calm and wellbeing
  • Stronger immune system
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Healthier interpersonal relationships
  • Higher self esteem
  • Raised personal vibration
  • Enhanced personal happiness


Forgiveness does not come easily. Sometimes what requires forgiveness isn’t even rooted in this lifetime; wrongs committed by another may go far back; a person who hurts you emotionally this time around may actually have committed far greater crimes against you in another incarnation.

Past life regression in Melbourne with Chris Walker is a remarkably useful way to resolve underlying jealousy, fear, anger, bitterness, and hurt towards another and to open the way to forgiveness. Not only can it put you on a path to forgiving others for their wrongdoings, it can also ease guilt and allow you to forgive YOURSELF for things which require self-forgiveness.

With a past life regression, I find releasing the hurts and releasing the karma that is hanging around very quickly and easily released.

To reiterate: Forgiveness is given to another, not to absolve or excuse them of responsibility for wrongdoing; it is to release yourself from the negativity their actions caused in you. It is liberating, and perhaps the single most important thing you can do to achieve a happier, more peaceful life.

Past Lives Children Remember

Past Lives Children Remember

By Chris Walker 22nd June

The vast majority of us need to delve into past life regression via hypnosis in order to consciously remember our past lifetimes in any detail. We may have recurring dreams or nightmares, affinity with past eras or places, or fears or phobias which reflect past life memories which are hidden deep in the subconscious, but very few of us actually have a conscious sense of our past without a past life regression session.

Children, however, may be different. There are a significant number of small children who do spontaneously remember past lives; it is often those who died in a traumatic and sudden way in their prior lifetime who remember and talk about the past.

It seems that for many children, spontaneous memories of a past lifetime and talking about them is quite natural. A newer concept in the West, it has been long accepted as the norm in other cultures, with many, many children remembering and being encouraged to talk about these memories..

Very small toddlers may suddenly begin talking about “when I died”, “my other mummy”, “when I was a grown up”, or “who I was before”. They are matter of fact and relate details with a maturity far beyond their years. As they get older, there may be traumatic memories and nightmares. Some talk about events and people from the past, of which they could feasibly know nothing.

Many children have described memories in so much detail that, with research, families have been able to verify the factuality of what is remembered. Some children reincarnate within the same family, others come to be with complete strangers in other parts of the world.

Signs your child is carrying past life memories at or near the surface of their consciousness include:

  • Behaviour that is advanced for their age
  • Remarkable skills at a young age
  • Specific memories
  • Uncanny ability with or knowledge of other languages
  • Traumatic memories or recurrent nightmares
  • Night terrors
  • Inexplicable phobias
  • Morbid drawings with a recurring theme
  • Between life memories, including of choosing parents in this life
  • Talk about another mother
  • Talk of a long dead family member

Past life memories in early childhood are only an issue if they cause upset to the child. If trauma is being relived or the past becomes an obsession, it’s a good idea to seek advice from a past life regression therapist. In smaller children, regression is usually not the answer, but counselling of parents can be helpful to facilitate understanding and set supportive mechanisms in place. Children don’t become good subjects for regression until adolescence.

Children seem to have the ability to remember and recount past lives between the ages of two and five, with most memories lost by the age of eight. (Incidentally, this is also the age which most children lose the ability to see spirits).

Our souls are experienced and we come to teach as well as to learn. We are all born with our soul’s memories consciously wiped clean – though sometimes some memories remain.

Spontaneous past life memories from children are the single most convincing proof of the veracity of reincarnation and serve to legitimise the experiences of adults having past life regression.

Contact Chris Walker for more information on how a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT)  can help you.  Visit the contact us page.

Suicide is NEVER the Answer

Suicide is NEVER the Answer

By Chris Walker 15th June

Life can be very challenging. It can be messy, and at times, for at least some of us, it can seem like too much to bear. Whether pain is physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, sometimes the burden is too great and people consider suicide as an option. Here we briefly explain why, from a soul point of view, suicide is never the answer.

Before we are born into this incarnation, we plan our lifetime and relationships in detail. Our souls make contracts to address certain issues during the lifetime. Events in our lifetimes have purpose and are but a small pathwayon the journeys of our souls. Ultimately, we are all lead to the Light.

When one commits suicide, one breaks the soul contract they have made prior to incarnating into this lifetime. Current issues are left unresolved and the return to the Light is interrupted. Whatever issue was too painful to deal with will have to be addressed in a future life – and the act of suicide (murder of self) may actually take many, many lives to rectify.

Suicide has different karmic consequences for different souls, yet the common factor is that, with suicide, there is never resolution. There is just a renewed opportunity to start again with the same issues. For some souls, it is a lesson in itself that they have chosen to experience. Suicide will only be successful if the soul had agreed to revisit the same challenges in another lifetime.

We never agree to take on more than what we can handle – though it may seem at times to the contrary. If the soul truly is struggling, there are other ways it can be released from its contract. These are difficult to understand, but may include “walk-ins”, as described by Dolores Cannon (where another soul, by agreement, takes the place in the body under extreme circumstances; the second soul which agrees to complete the lifetime on behalf of the one which is too fragile to continue will come in usually with the memories of the soul it is replacing). Alternatively, there are times in life when we may be given an “exit option”; for example, a life-threatening illness or injury is sustained, and on a soul level one chooses whether to end the physical lifetime then or recover and continue as originally planned. When one’s lessons for a lifetime have been learned, the soul can manifest a situation which will lead to physical death and release.

Suicide is not a choice made by the Higher Self; it is made by the limited consciousness we are aware of in the human mind in physical form. It is an active choice to never allow the possibility for a better day or a happier outcome in this lifetime. It denies the soul’s ultimate reason for being alive in human form. Suicide is an act which inherently denies the ultimate wisdom of the soul and of the Higher Self.

If you or someone you know is struggling and having thoughts of suicide, quantum healing hypnosis technique and past life regression can be very helpful to remember the true self and the reasons why one is here now. When this has been remembered, thoughts of suicide usually disappear. Clients can find the peace they have been searching for and find a new sense of strength to keep pushing forward. With a past life regression, this can help reconnect your to you and who you truly are.

*Issues such as euthanasia and abortion may be viewed differently from suicide under certain circumstances; these will be addressed in the future.

Dolores Cannon and Julie Canon that use QHHT or also referred to quantum healing hypnosis technique method have taught me the techniques they have used for decades.


Is Belief in Reincarnation anti-Christian

Is Belief in Reincarnation anti-Christian?

By Chris Walker 8th June

Most of the world’s major religions have belief in reincarnation at their core: Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Sikhism, as well as Theosophy and various Pagan and Spiritual systems of belief.

The major exceptions to this rule are the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), though there are sects of these which certainly do refer to reincarnation, including the Cathars, the Druze, the Rosicrucians, the Gnostics, Hasidic Jews, and followers of the Kabbalah and Sufism.

Reincarnation is a very ancient doctrine, yet it is very negatively viewed overall by the organised religion of Christianity. It is even decried as being anti-Christian by many churches, and almost akin to communion with evil.

Is a belief in Reincarnation (which is proven to an individual during past life regression to be true) anti-Christian? And does it have to be?

The answer to this question can be found in both historical fact and in the Bible itself.

According to modern Christian doctrine, a righteous person will die in the physical and the soul will enjoy eternal, everlasting life in Heaven. Heaven is the spiritual realm. We know the soul is eternal. We know that Time, as we know it, does not exist in the spiritual realms – so what is eternity? Who is to say that everlasting life does not include time both on the spiritual realm as well as back and forwards into physical form – like attending a school?

There are references to reincarnation in the Old Testament, yet not a single Old Testament reference disputing it. The Biblical Books of Hebrews and Malachi refer directly to reincarnation. Jesus himself in the New Testament refers more than once to the fact that John the Baptist was the Prophet Elijah returned in another human form.

Two of the most powerful quotes from the Bible referring to reincarnation are:

“…when Melchizedek met Abraham, Levi was still in the body of his ancestor.” (Hebrews 7:10)



“Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I shall return there”.

(Job 1:21)


Almost everything we know today of Jesus’ teachings comes from the New Testament of the Bible – and this dates to hundreds of years after Jesus lifetime.

Historically, Jesus Christ himself was a member of the Jewish sect of the Essenes; these were Jews whose beliefs were not dissimilar to many Buddhist beliefs. Reincarnation was a core belief of the Essenes.

Even early Christian leaders spoke of the reality of reincarnation; St Clement of Alexandria lived around 200 AD and stated belief in the soul’s pre-existence, as did St Augustine. The entire Christian world actually believed until the church told them not to!

In 325AD, the Council of Nicaea convened for the first time, with three hundred Christian leaders in the presence of the Roman Emperor Constantine I. It was an effort by the church to attain a consensus on matters including canon law and the nature of God with, the ultimate aim of control. Numerous biblical books were eliminated from the Bible (including the Gnostic gospels, which included the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Mary Magdalene) and, with them, almost all references to reincarnation. Anyone who disputed the results of the Council of Nicaea was labelled heretics. The doctrine born there exists within the Christian religion to this day.

What we must understand today is that the Bible was written by men. The concept of reincarnation did not suit what the early Christian Church wanted to promote – hence most references to reincarnation were removed.

Being a Christian (as in following what Jesus taught) and believing in reincarnation are NOT mutually exclusive – if anything, they are complementary.

So here this is for me,  I was a Christian, still am,  I know of a loving god, not one that has a war with the devil and we could go to hell if we are bad on some things.  After many many past life regression sessions using QHHT, quantum healing hypnosis therapy.  or quantum healing hypnosis technique.  Everyone on death goes to what we term the sprit world. learn and see ourselves on what we can do better. God, source, the supreme being, the universe, what ever name you give it, does not judge us, we judge ourselves on how well we did it is really all about love and how loving we can be in out life and everyone and every thing around us.

What is a Soul Group

What is a soul group

By Chris Walker 1st June

We have all heard the term “soul mate”; it is common in literature and poetry, and the concept is widely used in modern conversational rhetoric. But what about the term “soul group”? What does it mean, and how does it affect each of us? A Soul Group is a group of souls who reincarnate together on a frequent basis. They were created together, and both teach, support, and learn from each other during and between lives. They are souls who have been together through countless lifetimes, and who have been together in the ethereal realms, where we all inhabit our lives between physical incarnations. Agreements are made between soul group members to meet and interact at some specific time during incarnation. Those within our soul group are like our spiritual family.

We pre-arrange and choose our experiences and our lessons before incarnating; for example, we choose our parents, siblings, partners, teachers, and friends, and these other souls help us (and we them) during our mission to learn lessons in the next lifetime. Many are members of our soul group. When each of us is born, we already have our character, personality, strengths and weaknesses, talents, and abilities formed. It is what we do with these and how we handle our lessons which is the purpose of incarnating. The members of the soul group are those who help with these life lessons. We meet certain people in life not by coincidence, but at the most opportune time; these people are members of our soul group. People may not belong to just one soul group; one soul may be a member of many overlapping groups, and we can be linked in this way to thousands, even millions, of people. We have many pre-arranged contracts to meet, interact with, and share our path with others at various stages of life.

A soul group can be very small or utterly enormous. All vibrate on the same frequency and members sense the presence of each other. This is why we may be inexplicably drawn to a stranger. On the soul level, we are anything but strangers to each other! Not everyone in a soul group will incarnate together at the same time, every time. How can you tell if someone is a member of your soul group?

  • They will support you regardless of the circumstances, good or bad
  • There is instant familiarity and chemistry between you – you share a goal, a belief system, or simply just “get” each other
  • They encourage you and recognise your potential – they take pleasure in your successes
  • They are honest and direct with you for the betterment of your situation
  • They are sensitive to your feelings
  • They will uplift you
  • Energy exchange between you is equal –giving and taking on both sides

One of the benefits of past life regression and quantum healing hypnosis technique is that, particularly when exploring life between lives, we can identify our soul group, and remember our contracts. This can greatly enhance our interactions in life and our appreciation and understanding for others who walk this journey alongside us. Contact Chris to learn about qhht, quantum healing hypnosis therapy

Past Life Cause Present Life Effect

Past Life Cause; Present Life Effect:
In Depth

By Chris Walker 25th May

Are your past life experiences, unremembered consciously but very much present, impacting you negatively in this lifetime? Past life issues can manifest in an array of ways in this lifetime. Here are just a few examples of significant issues which most likely have their roots in unresolved past life traumas.

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – OCD during the present lifetime is often a manifestation of a past incarnation in which the obsessive trait was created. This is with the spiritual purpose of making one address the deeper reason as to why they are being subjected to uncontrollable thoughts and behaviours. Only when the past life trauma is healed will the obsession resolve.
  • Chronic Phobias of Unexplained Origin – many phobias have definite identifiable causes; for example, a child who falls into a pool as a toddler may have a fear of water or drowning in adult life. Phobias which are unexplained, however, which are inappropriate to a person’s circumstances and experiences, can be just as debilitating. The person may fear for their very existence – and this invariably arises from a past life experience with the reality of that particular phobia. Fears buried in the past are best healed by “reliving” the past in a hypnotic state.
  • Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia – these debilitating disorders pose a conundrum to the medical community as there is no actual physical “cause” for them. What they actually represent is a weariness at the soul level; this lifetime’s body is weighed down by past life issues and requires inordinate amounts of rest. Toxins accumulate at a cellular level; these toxins are manifestations of resonances from the past. The best thing to do, as well as have regression therapy, is to drink water to flush toxins and move the body a little every day.
  • Chronic Pain or Illness – pain or illness which is chronic but which has no identifiable medical cause may be the physical manifestation of a past life trauma. Metaphysical pain is every bit as real as physical pain, but its treatment is very different.
  • Recurring Nightmares – nightmares which are of a recurring theme (or identically recurring dreams) can be our mind’s way of dealing with (or not dealing with) past life traumas, particularly to do with physical death. Nightmares are actually a protective mechanism – working through fears in the sleep state as opposed to somehow in the awake state.

Of course, there is always the possibility that there is a present life cause for these issues, yet in most cases, when the cause is delved into via hypnosis and past life regression, using qhht or also referred quantum healing hypnosis therapy,  as  the issue is brought into this life at birth – even if it does not make itself known for many years. Past life regression  therapy is the single most effective method of understanding the cause and effects of problems in this lifetime – and with understanding and identification comes freedom.

Call Chris today to learn how he can help you.


Exciting New Developments in QHHT

Exciting New Developments in QHHT

By Chris Walker 18th May

QHHT, previously known as Quantum healing Hypnosis Therapy, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is the gold standard in past life regression therapy as devised by Dolores Cannon.

Dolores herself always preferred the term “technique” as opposed to “therapy”; the technique of inducing a somnambulistic hypnotic state from which past lives are easily accessed and healing is performed by the Subconscious is what Dolores Cannon is renowned for, and for which she will long be remembered. It is envisaged that, in the future, The Cannon University of Metaphysical Studies will continue Dolores’ remarkable work.

Dolores trained an elite group of hypnotherapists in her unique technique, and Chris Walker is one of those privileged enough to have trained with Dolores herself. As such, Chris is a Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technician (CQHHT).

How does one become a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technician? There are three levels of qualification:

  • Level One training involves six days of practice training, and practitioners who complete this are deemed to be Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technicians (QHHT).
  • Level Two training requires an additional four days of intensive training, including a Group Regression Workshop. Level Two practitioners are called Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technicians (CQHHT).
  • Level Three training involves a small class of four or less embarking on intensive training over three days. Participants must have completed Level Two training, and have facilitated more than seventy-five client sessions, strictly as taught by Dolores. These participants will receive professional assessment and feedback over the areas including session location, interview and induction processes, lifetimes, and contact with the Subconscious. On completion, Level Three Practitioners are considered to be Master Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technicians (MQHHT). They must undergo recertification every two years.

Chris currently practices as a Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technician (CQHHT). During August, 2015, he will complete training to become a Master Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technician – the highest achievable level. It follows no fewer than two weeks overall of intensive, one-on-one training, and many, many hours of practical experience over dozens of sessions with dozens of different clients.

There really is no more profound hypnosis therapy than past life regression, and no better past life regression practice than QHHT.

Call Chris today to remove obstacles and negative issues from your life. No problem is too large or too insignificant – and Light Dynamics Healing in Melbourne is the premium location to achieve this change.

Past Life Cause – Present Life Effect

Past Life Cause; Present Life Effect

By Chris Walker 11th May

Past life situations and events can often result in blocked emotions, phobias, and even physical manifestations. Issues such as eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder, hoarding, addiction, chronic pain with no attributable cause, and general anxiety may be rooted in the present life’s past, but it is every bit as likely that the cause of these issues resides in a past incarnation.

Here are some very basic (and very general) examples of past life cause and present life effects of these causes…

  • A person who suffers spontaneous panic attacks in this lifetime may have had them triggered by a past life situation where they were the victim of some form of abuse. While it is true that the fear of having a panic attack can trigger the very thing one is afraid of, the origin of the panic lies somewhere. A specific event, at some time in the past, was a trigger – and the panic attack is a belated reaction to this.
  • Many phobias have their roots in past lives – particularly in the death experienced by the body at that time. For example, one who has a paralysing fear of heights may have fallen to their death in a past life. Similarly, fear of fire, deep water, or snakes might reflect these as being related to the cause of death.
  • Aversions in this lifetime may have past life causes – and these may be very trivial. Someone who was hanged or beheaded in another incarnation might find it unbearable to wear a turtleneck sweater this time around! AN aversion to a particular place, culture, or time period may reflect an unhappy or traumatic experience, just as an attraction to the same may reflect an affinity due to prior experiences of the soul.

Past experiences which remain unresolved will continue to be recreated in some form or another in the present until they are resolved.

Only through remembering, recognising, understanding, and clearing the negative emotions relating to the issue brought into this lifetime from past experiences can it be released so we heal and move forward. Spiritual healing via past life regression therapy is the single most effective method of overcoming issues which may otherwise hold the individual hostage for their entire life.

Call Chris today for a past life regression therapy session in Melbourne. He works at the deepest level of hypnosis, and uses quantum healing hypnosis therapy to effect real change in his clients at the cellular level. As little as a single session can be enough to overcome a lifelong concern, or at least to make serious headway towards healing. No issue is too big or too small, and Chris feels very privileged to be able to offer this gold-standard hypnosis method for gaining insight into our true selves.

Chris continues to learn more about this amazing method of Past Life Regression called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT). He attends the updates with Julia Cannon once a year. He also use to as well with Dolores Cannon before she sadly past away or past over.  He also is amazed at what can be done in the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy sessions. He is not afraid to ask and try new things to get the best out of the session for his clients.  Julia Cannon who runs the training have changed the name from  quantum healing hypnosis therapy to quantum healing hypnosis Technique.   Also now he is a Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technician (CQHHt) having completed level 2 training live with Julia Cannon and Dolores Cannon.

One thing he does is ask is, the clients guides or guardian angels to step forward.  They are now giving healing to you and give a message that is very appropriate for you. You also get to see what they look like, so it is easier to connect back to them, whenever you are wanting help in life again. Chris just loves the Past Life Regression technique  taught to him by Dolores Cannon and Julia Cannon. The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) type of hypnosis is just amazing to release and move you forward.

Next time we will look more specifically at issued such as OCD, Schizophrenia, chronic fatigue, and other disorders.

Dolores Cannon Part 2 Unexpected Directions

Dolores Cannon – Part 2 Unexpected Directions

By Chris Walker 4th May

Over the years, Dolores Cannon’s work with hypnosis and past life regression evolved to an extent she could never have envisaged…

Dolores devised and refined her own method of inducing a deep, somnambulistic hypnotic state in her subjects. This was much faster than other hypnotic techniques, and allowed repeat clients to “go under” almost instantaneously at her specific suggestion. At all times, the clients were in control of where they “went”, and the most relevant past life to their current issues was where their session took them. Dolores simply guided them into the somnambulistic state, and then asked pertinent questions. The answers were sometimes astounding.

After sessions with many thousands of clients from all walks of life, Dolores was able to conclude without reservation that the results were authentic. Many sessions by strangers shared very similar if not identical results, and she became aware that she was not conversing with the conscious minds of her clients.

The vast majority of past lives uncovered were mundane – as most of our lives are. But Dolores found that she was not communicating with the personality of the client so much as with their Subconscious, and this was a powerful source of information.

Dolores discovered that our personality which resides in our body is but a tiny part of the whole of who we are. The Subconscious, however, though our conscious minds are totally unaware of its existence, is our “Higher Self”; here our eternal memories and experiences reside. The Subconscious observes all, and when contacted during deep hypnosis and past life regression therapy, it can answer any question about any past life and any life between lives. It can also enable instant healing when this is not adverse to a person’s pre-arranged Life Plan.

Clients of Dolores’ have described past lives in every historical era; from ancient Egypt to World War II, and even in prehistory, including Atlantis, in great detail. Again, strangers describe remarkably similar settings and experiences, which lends credence to their authenticity. While to many it might seem the stuff of imagination or science fiction, it is very real. Some clients have even described current life experiences with extra-terrestrial beings, of which their conscious mind is only marginally aware. Some past incarnations exposed in Dolores’ therapy, she was astonished to find, were not of the Earth. Souls incarnate all over the Universe and on many planes and in many dimensions, for many reasons.

Dolores Cannon was an active trailblazer in Past Life Regression which development into her own method called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy  QHHT for the rest of her life. She personally taught her technique to many privileged practitioners, including Chris Walker.

Dolores Cannon passed over on October 19th, 2014, following an automobile accident a few weeks prior. Her passing was unexpected. She was eighty three years old. Until the very end, she shared her gift with the world, and opened our eyes (and her own) for a glimpse of the boundless possibilities and truths which lie just behind the veil.

Now here daughter Julia Cannon is continuing the legacy that her mother started.  There worked well together, and now Julia is continuing the teaching and still learning new methods that continually development this method further.

Julia Cannon who runs the training have changed the name from  quantum healing hypnosis therapy to quantum healing hypnosis Technique.   Also now he is a Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technician (CQHHt) having completed level 2 training live with Julia Cannon and Dolores Cannon. Just a name change, but the system is also developing for more healing.

To read more about how I use this method please visit:

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy How Light Dynamics Healing is Different

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, and How Light Dynamics Healing is Different…

By Chris Walker 27th

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are very useful psychological therapeutic methods which can be effectively used to improve a person’s life.

Hypnosis involves guiding a client to a deep level of relaxation, where the subconscious mind (from which dreams arise) can be accessed.

Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to allow the therapist to address certain destructive behaviours.

Chris Walker offers hypnosis and hypnotherapy in Melbourne to clients who wish to address all manner of issues, including to help them stop smoking, lose weight, eliminate anxiety and phobias, control their anger, and much more. But Chris offers a hypnotherapy service with a difference: rather than just applying a metaphorical “band aid” via hypnosis, Chris chooses to address issues at their core and at their source. He can quickly achieve this via past life regression using Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy , QHHT.  The hypnosis in the past life regression session is just like a mediation and is peaceful as can be.  All you do is tell me what you are seeing.  That is all.  You are still awake,  not out of it at all. You have to be awake to tell me what you are seeing.

Most therapeutic hypnosis involves a standardised script. There is a basic script for weight loss, one for breaking an addiction, etc. Chris, however, recognises that each person has their own unique reasons for and root causes of their issues, and that they should not be treated in a “cookie-cutter” way.

The difference with what Chris does is that each client is individually treated specifically for their own needs. Prior to using hypnotherapy to eliminate an overeating or smoking habit, for example, Chris uses hypnosis and past life regression to identify and understand the source of the issue or issues that have brought the client to Light Dynamics Healing.

The idea of past life regression may seem like fantasy or science fiction to many, however it is very real. The vast majority of people have no recollection of being here before (and, spiritually, that is the point), but every single one of us has lived on the spiritual level for eternity, and we have all lived other lives in the past in human form. We carry emotions and traumas from these incarnations at the subconscious level, and these can impact on today’s life, often in a negative way.

It’s like a person has a certain phobia, and has no idea where it came from,  it could be from childhood and the subconscious has blocked it, as this can happen with traumatic events, but it also may have from the a past life or many past lives. The reason it is still there, as there is an echo or memory print still in the current life time. This is telling you something that is needing love and healing to remove it.

Identifying, recognising, and clearing these issues during past life regression can effectively cure the resultant issue. Past lives are accessed by the client; Chris simply provides a gentle guidance to the hypnotic state where the client can access their subconscious. The client is in control at all times. Unlike hypnotherapy, the client is the one telling the “story”, not the therapist. It all comes from you.

The system of quantum healing hypnosis therapy is always changing and developing. Julia Cannon has change that to quantum healing hypnosis Technique.   Also having completed level 2 a few years ago in person with Dolores Cannon and Julia Cannon, he is also a Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technician (CQHHt).  Just a name change, but the system is also developing and growing.

Call or email Chris today to make an appointment to see him in Melbourne. Chris works in Rowville and Wantirna in the east of Melbourne. No issue is too large or too small, too simple or too complicated. Through past life regression, and then, if necessary, standard hypnotherapy, you can take back control of your life, and your happiness and peace.


Past Life Regression hypnosis and healing

Past Life Regression hypnosis and healing

By Chris Walker 23rd

Hi, I am Chris Walker from Melbourne Victoria, and I love to help people move forward in life, and by forward, I mean it is usually, but not always, to clear the past blocks people still have.  Do you know someone that is still stuck in their story and cannot get past it. They tell the same story over and over and different versions of it.  They cannot just get over what has hurt them.  This is where the past life regression work I do, cuts through all this.  We get to the root cause or the first point of where this occurred.  This can be in this life time or a previous life time.  But normally the answers as to why it happened or is affecting you now, comes up in a past life.

Have you ever met a person with a certain phobia of let’s say drowning.  They have never had an experience of draining, but they can be petrified of water and drowning.  Avoiding water and swimming or even just putting their feet into the sea.  This is a sure tell tale sign of a past life trauma that is still being carried forward into this life time.  It could be the last life time, or 10 life times.

With the past life regression session I do, I do not guide you into a certain life.  I let the beings I work with give you the best life to show you.  How many lives have we lives.  It is usually 100′s. and just not on this planet either.  That is really hard for some people to get there head around.  But if you Google NASA, there are about 200 Billion plants in our Galaxy alone.  Yes 200 Billion and NASA also thinks there are about 100 to 400 Billion Galaxies in our universe.  I have no idea how many universes there are as well.  This place is so massive, I cannot get my head around that figures.  I guess I am use to a solar system with a few planets around it. this method of past life regression is a certain type developed by Dolores cannon and now her daughter Julia Cannon is continue the work from her mother,  Dolores Sadly past away on the 19th October 2014.  Her special method of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy or QHHT, is the reason I do this work.  I love to help people and this method helps so many people.

With the hypnosis work I also do, it is just not past life regression, but this is the main type of work I do.  I can also take a person back to a traumatic time in this life time using general hypnosis.  This method can show a personal what went on.  I can also have it, that you are not affected by the event as well.  I can take the emotion out of it.  Again once it is all understood, the healing can take place.  the mind is a strange thing at times.  For a very traumatic even the conscious mind can block details of painful events for it’s won protection.

Also Hypnotherapy work also I do, is weight control, over eating, stop smoking, issues that cannot be explained by normal medicine all that, but because of the results I get, when a past life is shown and understood by you, the results are much more effective.

During a past life session, at some stage I am now taking each client though to the spirit world.  I will not say what happens there to you, as I want you to experience it, the way you do, without me putting ideas into your head.  The one thing I will say is I get most clients a beautiful message from the guide or guardian angel.  They are also doing healing on my clients, which is just so beautiful and loving.

I also do hands on healing using Reiki that I was taught 18 years ago. and also light dynamics a new system for personal growth and awakening.  this energy is really nice, gentle and profound.  It does move things quickly.  most of the time it is like a warm energy moving through you.  Some people need a lot of healing and sometimes a healing crises and big shift happens.  But for me, it is a tangible thing to feel.

Julia Cannon who runs the training for all QHHT practitioners, has changed the name from  quantum healing hypnosis therapy to quantum healing hypnosis Technique.   Also now he is a Certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technician (CQHHt) having studied under both Julia Cannon and Dolores Cannon.  Just a name change, but the system is also developing for more healing.

To get more  information please contact Chris walker on 0413-744-447 or visit http://www.lightdynamicshealing.com.au/


Dolores Cannon The Beginning of Her Career

Dolores Cannon The Beginning of Her Career

By Chris Walker 20th

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy or QHHT is the gold standard in past life regression for healing at the deepest spiritual level. This technique was developed by hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon – and today we take a very brief look at who this remarkable woman was.

Dolores Cannon was born in 1931 in Missouri, USA. She married in 1951 and until 1968 she was a “typical” wife and mother. Her husband Johnny was a naval man and also a hypnotherapist.

During the 1960’s, Dolores and Johnny used simple hypnosis as a therapeutic tool to help others lose weight and stop smoking. In 1968, one of the doctors at the naval base Johnny was stationed at asked them to help one of his own patients using their hypnosis practice. This patient, a woman, was suffering from a myriad of issues including obesity, hypertension, nervous eating disorder, and kidney problems. It was hoped that via hypnosis, she could learn to relax.

This patient was Dolores’ introduction to reincarnation. Midway through the hypnosis session, the woman began describing scenes which were apparently from a past life, in Chicago in the 1920’s. Dolores and Johnny were amazed to witness this woman transform – into another personality with its own mannerisms and vocal identity. Dolores and Johnny were taken aback but decided to explore further, and regressed the woman over several months. She described five distinct lifetimes, at a time when past life regression was brand new: there was no precedent for what was happening during these hypnosis sessions.

Dolores and Johnny were trailblazers in the field of past life regression. They developed their own technique and had no limitations as they embarked on this journey with open minds and no expectations.

Later in 1968, Johnny was critically injured in an accident, and was to be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.  He has a ham radio operator, so made a life for himself.

Dolores resumed practicing hypnosis with clients in the late 1970’s, after her children were grown up and independent. She was particularly focused on reincarnation, and she was initially astounded as clients described past lives in detail which dated back decades, centuries, and even millennia. She recorded all sessions, and then spent large amounts of time researching the time periods and locations to verify authenticity of what had been described. Dolores, with her clients under hypnosis, would delve into the everyday minutiae of these incarnations: clothing worn, dwellings resided in, foods eaten, how days were spent, social norms, religious observations, and much, much more. Through intricate detailing and in depth research, Dolores was able to verify authenticity.

Dolores create her very unique method of hypnosis into past life regression then into a system called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy or QHHT for short.  This method has healing as well as just the past life regression.  This is why it makes this type of past life regression very unique.

Over the following decades, Dolores’ work took her to places she could never have imagined in her wildest dreams. It seems like the stuff of science fiction, or imagination – but for Dolores and her clients, it was every bit as real, if not more so, than the everyday life we live now. Next week we’ll continue looking at the journey Dolores embarked upon.

Simple Tips to Cleanse Your Energy Field

Simple Tips to Cleanse Your Energy Field

By Chris Walker 13h

Humans (and animals, plants, and even rocks) are energetic beings, and we absorb much of what surrounds us. The absorption of negative energy is unhealthy for all of us and affects everyone – some to a greater extent than others. Sometimes, we ourselves are the source of this negative energy – from our thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

What does negative energy feel like?

  • Stress
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Panic
  • Anxiety
  • Frustration
  • Jealousy
  • Bitterness
  • Hate

Here are some simple tips to cleanse yourself of negative energy:

  • Breathe. Mindful breathing is a fast and effective way to shed negativity and create balance. Sit (or stand) still, take a moment, and focus within, Inhale for a count of three, as you acknowledge stress and negativity. Bring it up into your chest as you inhale, then let is out on a strong exhalation for a count of three. Repeat at least four times – but ten in total is better.
  • Visualisation. Visualise a protective white light surrounding your entire body. If you believe, ask for help in the form of a prayer to God, the angels, or your spiritual guides.
  • Sea Salt. Have a warm bath into which one or even two cups of sea salt have been added. You can also add herbs, Epsom salts, and a few drops of pure essential oil (lavender is great). The salts draw out negativity and visualising it all draining away as you drain the bath is very therapeutic. Make sure you rinse off in the shower afterwards.
  • Reiki healing can be very effective in releasing negativity.
  • Write it down. Onto a piece of paper, write down everything you wish to release – worries, fears, unpleasant people, bad memories… Use a lead pencil. Then safely burn the paper, while stating your intention to release for good all of these negative things, while giving thanks for the lessons they brought.
  • There are ways to eliminate negativity from your home, which will translate to a more positive you as well. Fresh herbs (or good quality incense) can be protective – think cinnamon, peppermint, rosemary, sage, basil, and lavender. Smudge with white sage. Burn white candles. Play music that speaks to your soul.
  • Surround yourself with things and people that make you feel good. Avoid those who bring you down or whom a black cloud metaphorically seems to follow.
  • Have a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session. This is a step beyond a past life regression, and offers the deepest level of spiritual healing possible. Not only are you taken to your life between lives, and shown what you need to see from previous incarnations; your higher self will be communicated with and the Super Conscious Beings of Light (above Archangels in the Spiritual hierarchy) can actively heal mental, emotional, spiritual and even physical issues. It should be noted that these healings occur on the proviso that they are for your greater good; if part of your spiritual journey in this lifetime is to experience something in particular, it will not be removed, though you will find greater peace and acceptance of this. Other blocks, however, will be healed – and the effects are remarkable.

There are many other ways to remove negative energy, but these are incredibly effective. Call Chris for past life regression in Melbourne, as well as Reiki healing and quantum healing hypnosis therapy.

Chris Walker is a past life therapist in Melbourne and is expertly trained in Reiki, Light Dynamics and QHHT also known as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy and was taught to Chris Walker in person by Dolores Cannon and her daughter Julia Cannon.  Chris is a QHHT practitioner and has worked on himself for many years, so he walks his talk as they say.  He has dealt with many negative energies and emotions over the years.  He knows that the past life therapy works very quickly bring you back into balance.


The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking

By Chris Walker 6th

Positive Thinking. For some of us, it comes naturally. For others, it represents a big daily challenge. Yet positive thinking is not just imperative for our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing; it is also important, as what we think creates our reality. Positive thoughts breed positive outcomes; unfortunately, negative thoughts breed their own negative counterparts.

Positive thinking is imperative to achieve success. It can literally change your reality; if you believe at the deepest level that good will come, it will. Likewise, if you believe that things will be bad – they will. A positive attitude fosters happy, pleasant, optimistic feelings – and we reflect this to the outside world. The converse applies for a negative attitude. Positivity and negativity are contagious – just spend time with an unrelentingly negative person and see how awful you feel!

Science supports this theory. Patients who have been diagnosed with cancer or who are undergoing heart surgery, for example, do much better if they have a positive outlook to their prognosis than do those with a negative outlook – even if contrary to doctors’ predictions. There are some cancer patients who are given “six months to live’; a negative outlook may translate to their demise right on or before six months, whereas a very positive mindset may see a patient live for much longer and even experience a remission of sorts – against all odds.

Why do some of us have such a hard time with thinking positively? Sometimes life seems to throw us one challenge after another, and it can seem that we are in a never-ending well of unfortunate events or bad luck. For some of us, we have been raised in a negative environment; a parent with an unrelentingly negative outlook will foster this in their offspring. What we learn in childhood is difficult to unlearn.

Past life experiences can also impact on our ability to create and nurture positive thought patterns. These experiences can wound us at a soul level; if we can’t clear and rise above these long-past but unforgotten experiences, we carry these wounds with us and they create more havoc in this lifetime. These wounds represent a block in our spiritual flow; it may relate to relationships, emotions, beliefs, finances, physical ailments, or basic human needs. It may simply be expressed as a negative mindset. Past life regression is invaluable in identifying, healing, and releasing these wounds so that their impact in this lifetime becomes irrelevant.

Past life regression in Melbourne with Chris Walker is a remarkable way to explore and heal the impact of previous experiences from past incarnations. Whether you have any memory of, or even a belief in, past lives, each and every one of us has “been here before”. Everything we experience is held within the deep subconscious and we even carry it as a cellular memory.  Whether you have fears, phobias, health or relationship issues, financial woes, or simply an inexplicably negative outlook towards life, it quite possibly relates to the past and it can be healed. Call Chris Walker who is a QHHT practitioner, today to learn how he can help you to help yourself for a brighter, happier, more positive future.

Another way to also dissolve these fears is an energy healing, like Reiki or Light Dynamics.  this can also work really well.  you will be in bliss for the hour,  but I really do prefer the past life regression session also referred to as QHHT or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, which is a method of past life regression therapy, that was development by Dolores Cannon and now by Julia Cannon her daughter.  The reason I like this better as so much more gets cleared so much quicker.

Recognising your Soul Mate

Recognising your Soul Mate

By Chris Walker 30th

Short of exploring your past lives and spiritual truth via quantum healing hypnosis therapy or a past life regression, there are some ways in which you can learn to recognise your soul mate (or soul mates) in this lifetime.

  • Instant recognition. The first time you meet, there is a sense of, “oh, there you are”. This may not be exactly a conscious connection, but on some level you “know” this person.
  • Mental connection. Similar to what we stereotypically associate with twins (though not all twins share this connection), soul mates can have a connection which is mentally profound. You are simply in tune with each other to a much greater extent than you are with others in your life.
  • Intensity. Soul mate relationships tend to be much more intense than others. This can be good or bad – the key is being able to recognise the ultimate good and to navigate the difficult times. You feel that you are operating at the same pitch, and you simply “get” each other. You will feel energised by them rather than held back.
  • Security and Protection. Your soul mate, regardless of whether you are partners, siblings, or friends, will make you feel safe and comfortable in their presence, and vice versa. You will feel able to fully and completely be yourself, and you will know that the other person is on your side. If someone makes you feel insecure on any level, they are not your soul mate.
  • Eye contact. Making eye contact is a powerful thing, and you will find eye contact easier and more natural with soul mates. This is thanks to the eternal, deep connection which exists between you; the eyes truly are the windows to the soul.
  • You love the person – warts and all. Soul mate bonds are much more difficult to break than less profound relationships. Soul mates are more inclined to accept the other’s imperfections, and here is where opposites do attract. And with your soul mate, it’s not all hard work.
  • You’re in it for the long haul. In most cases, no matter how tough the going may get, with your soul mate, you are not going to walk away. Mutual respect is paramount.
  • Flashbacks. Some attuned people may have experiences of déjà vu or even flashbacks to other times with the soul mate.

Finding, recognising, and travelling through life with a soul mate is a gift to be treasured. They are not necessarily your spouse, lover, or life partner. To more deeply and more definitively know who your soul mates are, consider a past life regression session in Melbourne with Chris Walker. The abundant knowledge to be gained from such a session is invaluable, and can only enhance your relationships in this lifetime and beyond.

I get many people wanting to know who there soul mate is. a lot of the time in the past life regression, they are recognised in previous life times.  and when I say recognised, they really are, most have tears for the deep love they have for them during the QHHT or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session.  I was taught by Dolores Cannon and Julia Cannon, so you are in the best of hands with your session.  Chris is also a dedicated QHHT practitioner.


Soul Mates

Soul Mates

By Chris Walker 23rd

We’ve all heard the term “soul mate” bandied about – but what does it mean? Is it the love of one’s life? Or is it more complex (or simple) than that?

It’s most likely that every person involved in this lifetime with us has been with us on our journey during countless incarnations and during life between lives, playing different roles for our mutual overall learning. Sometimes people will be family members, lovers, best friends, colleagues, simply acquaintances, or even our worst enemies. Souls travel together over countless lifetimes. But our soul mate plays a different role.

A soul mate is one whom we have shared countless lifetimes with. As a result, we now resonate with them on the same vibration; there is a mutual understanding between soul mates beyond anything shared with others. Bonds between soul mates are deep and complex. Have you ever resonated profoundly with someone – in a good or bad way – even if you’ve only just met? That may well be a soul mate.

We each have more than one soul mate – we may even have several. Soul mates work together to help each other achieve our highest potential; soul mates are complementary and may even appear to be opposites to the observer.

Soul mates may incarnate into a range of relationships. We are more inclined to expect one’s soul mate to be their lover, spouse, or partner, but this is not always the case. They may be parents and children, siblings, close friends, or teammates. Occasionally, soul mates may work, seemingly against each other, as rivals or even enemies, to more dramatically and quickly advance one’s spiritual growth.

Before incarnating, we agree as souls how we will interact, and the purpose of this interaction in the next lifetime. Sometimes, one’s soul mate will not incarnate alongside them, but stay in spirit form to act as a guide when needed.

Soul mates are not necessarily together for an entire lifetime. Soul mates appear when most needed – and disappear when their job is done.

If you seek to learn more about your own soul mates and the deeper meaning of your relationships, past life regression in Melbourne with Chris Walker this can be of enormous benefit. We live multiple incarnations, and the sole aim overall of these is to learn and achieve unconditional love. By having a QHHT or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy or also known as a past life regression session, we can glean a greater understanding of our purpose and also confirm or identify those who are our soul mates. It can lead to an enhanced love for those in our life, and also foster a greater understanding of those who may seem to be challenging to us.  There are many reasons why soul mate get together and your reason will come out in the session.  Once known, the past, current or future relationship is much better understood.

Chris Walker at Light Dynamics Healing is an experienced past life regression therapist.  He works from Rowville and Wantirna in Melbourne

Next time we will look at recognising your soul mate.

The Results of Ascension

The Results of Ascension

By Chris Walker 16th

Over the last couple weeks we have looked at the meaning of Ascension, The Shift, and what kind of symptoms people can experience as they ascend spiritually to become more enlightened, higher vibratory beings. This is a very personal process which many, many people are undergoing at this time, in numbers never before seen.

Today we look at the ultimate results of Ascension to the individual.

Ascension is a choice, made consciously or subconsciously, to engage in the evolutionary progress of the human race. It is the process of awakening to our true spiritual nature as eternal beings.

Ascension affects a person physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and a higher level of consciousness is attained. People who consciously ascend can look forward to an enhanced level of wisdom and a heightened connection to the Divine, the likes of which have not been seen en-masse in humanity for millennia.

The Shift (the process by which many humans ascend at once) does not signify the end of the world, as predicted by some. Many people are scared of the Shift for this reason. There is nothing to fear! The Shift instead heralds a new beginning, a new paradigm, and a change in how we experience reality. It may be uncomfortable, as change often is, but it is for the positive.

Third dimensional living is the lowest vibratory form which humans can experience – and this is where we have been for thousands of years. In the Third Dimension, we experience time linearly; we are unable to, for the most part, experience higher dimensions; we have a form of spiritual amnesia relating to our past lives and eternal nature; and we are overly concerned with material things. With the Shift and Ascension, we basically wake up.

The coming so-called apocalypse is not about the world being ended or destroyed, but about a metaphorical lifting or the veil between us and spiritual reality. What will the effects be?

  • Dormant human DNA will be awakened and activated
  • Our consciousness will expand
  • Consciously choosing quality of life as opposed to staying in soul destroying jobs and circumstances
  • Choosing to live with less materially for a richer existence
  • Easier manifestation of dreams and abundance
  • Finding one’s Soul Mate if you have not already done so
  • Freedom from worry and fear
  • Intuition, acceptance, and intent overtake needing to make things happen
  • Freedom from caring what others think
  • Experience of Light and Love
  • The physical body is healthier and lighter than ever before
  • Craving simplicity in all aspects of life
  • Medical advances previously deemed impossible will come to fruition
  • The Earth will experience a rebalancing – this is what severe weather patterns and climate change reflect

While it is true that vast numbers of people will collectively awaken during this lifetime, not everyone has chosen to do so on a spiritual level (during their life between lives and during planning for this incarnation during life between lives – accessible in a past life regressionor quantum healing hypnosis therapy session with Chris Walker).  He was taught by Julie Cannon and Dolores Cannon

Chris Walker has been taught about what is going on with Ascension, by his guides.  He works at light dynamics healing

Each of us will experience the Shift and Ascend in our own way and in our own time.

It’s an incredibly exciting time to be here.


The Shift What Does it Mean

The Shift – What Does it Mean?

By Chris Walker 9th

More and more of us are realising, recognising, and embracing our spiritual nature as truth. As a result, we are more open to discovering our true life’s purpose and trusting our intuition, and recognising the impermanence and lack of ultimate importance of the material aspects of this world.

This spiritual emergence is at the heart of Ascension. The mass Ascension of many of us on this planet at this time is what is commonly referred to as “The Shift”. Many hypotheses have been put forward about just what the Shift means, and for some this can instil ambivalence or even fear about coming catastrophes and other extreme events. Knowing that some will be “left behind” (those who are not ready to ascend) creates worry for many.

What you need to know is that The Shift and Ascension are subtle, individual energy changes during which a person’s vibration raises. Many people will experience this in the coming years if not already. People have been ascending for all time, but right now the rate of this is accelerating and the numbers are increasing exponentially.

Ascension is a personal journey and it is different for everyone.  At Light Dynamics Healing many clients all report the same things.  and lots don’t really know what is going on.  So to me this is more evidence that things are changing.

What are some of the most common symptoms we experience during ascension? Some of them may be uncomfortable, but they are transient and signify an ultimate change for the better…

  • Connection to Nature – a deeper appreciation of the natural world, the changing seasons, animals, etc.
  • Energy Levels Change – sometimes you will feel energetic, other times it will be all you can do to get out of bed. Listen to and be guided by your body.
  • Erratic Emotions –including anger, sadness, fear, anxiety, and agitation. Be present, embrace and experience emotions as they come, and let them go.
  • Feeling a Change – just knowing that something within you has changed, including an increase in inner dialogue.
  • Food Cravings or Intolerances – this will often be a desire to eat lighter, fresher, more natural foods. You may feel the need to eliminate or add certain foods – again, listen to and be guided by your body.
  • Desire to alter Social Group, Job, etc – questioning who you are, how you fit in, and how the energy of others and what you do influences your wellbeing. You’ll likely wish to remove toxicity from your life – this includes toxic and negative people and habits.
  • Physical symptoms: Headaches, digestive issues, viral symptoms, sensitivity to heat or cold, pins and needles sensations, sensitivity to smells, changes in perception, sleep pattern alterations, rushes of energy.
  • Awareness of Recurring Relationships or Patterns in your Life – the same recurring patterns in your relationships have been happening all of your life – yet you suddenly have an “a-ha” moment and recognise it. Awareness is the first step to breaking the cycle.
  • Synchronicity – or meaningful coincidence will appear everywhere once you begin to recognise it for what it is. Signs and messages answer your questions and needs in a timely manner that can’t be “by chance”. These are gifts from the Universe – be appreciative and actively express gratitude.
  • Changes to Hobbies and Interests – your life is becoming more meaningful and will be more deeply fulfilling. Your interests and hobbies reflect this.
  • Less interest in materialism – the cost of the car you drive, the labels on your clothing, the prestige of the suburb in which you live – all of these things and more become less important to you. This is a good thing!
  • Manifestation – as your vibration increases, blockages in flow are released and abundance is freer to come your way. What you focus on, you create – awareness of your thoughts and keeping them of a high vibration is critical.

Ascension and the Shift are not referring to leaving this planet, getting rescued, or suddenly becoming extinct.  It is instead an inner journey of the soul and a conscious (on some levels) choice to evolve. Ascension happens at all levels of your being. Symptoms are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Reiki spiritual healing can be of help dealing with these symptoms, which will pass when the transition is complete.

During the QHHT or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, the past life regression sessionfor spiritual healing in Melbourne, many report  lives on other planets, and some soul have come directly from source to help with this awakening.  I was talking with another past life therapist last week, and when she had her past life regression, she had no past lives, she came directly from source to help.  How call is that.  Some are light beings that travel around the universe.  and some are just normal lives on earth or an earth like planet.

Dolores Cannon and Julie Cannon and other therapists also report simular sessions and the information the super consciousness gives the clients is also very much the same theme.  The past life sessions is an amazing way to help and know more of what is going on.

Chris Walker is in Rowville and Wantirna

Ascension Explained

By Chris Walker 2nd

There is a lot of talk these days in metaphysical circles about ascension. What does it mean?

Everything in the Universe is Energy and Vibration. Everything is made of vibrating energy; the earth, the physical body, thoughts, spirit: all are made of energy which vibrates at varying frequencies. The energy of each and every one of us has its own frequency, and this is not set at one level – it can be changed.

Ascension is a change in frequency to a higher vibration and, as a result, a change in the focus of our consciousness. Low frequency vibrations cause feelings of anger, fear, anxiety and limitation; as the frequency of our selves is raised, the body, mind and spirit become less dense and the energies of higher frequencies can be incorporated. As one’s frequency ascends, these negative, dense, lower frequency effects fall away and new feelings, thoughts, and experiences are possible.

When one ascends to a higher level frequency, life changes. The connection between body, mind and spirit becomes more cohesive and the individual experiences unconditional love and connection with everything in the Universe. The ultimate ascension is what the Buddhists refer to as Nirvana, and what Christians aspire to as Everlasting Life. It is not, however a religious ideal, but a spiritual journey available to each and every one of us regardless of dogma or belief.

We reside on Earth in a Third Dimension world. In the third dimension, only matter exists – physical matter, tangible, and governed by logic. This is not the only dimension. There are twelve dimensions in all – the twelfth being God or the Source.

The Fourth Dimension concerns the mind and the emotions.

The Fifth Dimension represents an awareness that we are actually light bodies; multidimensional and spiritual beings and that we are creators of our own reality.

Current references to ascension in the metaphysical and spiritual community refer to movement from the Third to the Fifth Dimensions, which is happening now for many of the Earth’s residents en masse. Humanity is currently undergoing a shift in consciousness; values and priorities are changing for many of us, and many of us are awakening to what is really important, the spiritual nature of ourselves, and leaving the materialistic concerns of the past behind. We will become more integrated with our Higher Selves. This may be spontaneous, or for some it may be triggered by or facilitated by things such as reiki healing or past life regression.

The whole planet is accelerating into a higher frequency; some will be “left behind”. This is a frightening idea and can be difficult to understand – is it a physical or simply a spiritual change?  We were told not everyone will be ready or ever want to be ready.  So there is still lots of time to grow and be part of this amazing shift on this planet.

Can you imagine a world where we are not controlled by money and no wars.  where love and support for all beings.  It is an amazing vision.

Dolores Cannon and Julie Cannon and many others including myself have had clients from other planets, called here to help raise consciousness here. there are many other source all saying the same here. It is our time to wake up and grow into our full potential. In the past life regression session,  the QHHT or also referred to as Quantum Healing Hypnosis therapy.

The past life session uses Hypnosis, hypnotherapy to have you in a very beautiful deep meditative and relaxed state, that all it is.

At Light Dynamics Healing, I have seen many clients that have had past lives on other planets.  The look of wonder when they connect to that time and they really feel themselves in that life. And like all sessions, they go away with a deeper understanding of who they are, and so much peace in their life.

Next week, we will look more at what the “Shift” means and at some symptoms of Ascension. Blessings until then.


Past life regression to destress

Past life regression to destress

By Chris Walker 23rd

Let’s face it; life can be incredibly stressful. Even when things are going well, everyday stressors can build up and quite easily get on top of us. When things go belly-up, stress can have an enormous impact on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

What is stress?

Stress is the process the body and mind undergo whenever there is a situation that must be faced which, for whatever reason, one believes they can’t manage. The balance between demands being made on us and the ability to cope are not aligned.

A person’s reactions to stress at various levels are a very individual thing, and are rooted in their own outlook, attitude, past experiences, and personal ability to cope. Some of us are much more resilient than others. What may just be a small blip on the radar for one person can be catastrophic for another.  Some people thrive on stress and use it to their benefit. It’s all about the feeling of being in control – or the fear of being out of control.

Physical and emotional effects of stress include anxiety, irritability, anger, forgetfulness, insomnia, and a basic feeling of being overwhelmed. People may become indecisive, depressed, apathetic, or have panic attacks. Unhealthy behaviours may be triggered by stress, including eating disorders, drinking, smoking, drug use, promiscuity, gambling, nervousness, tics, and obsessive compulsive disorders.  High levels of stress, particularly over an extended period, can lead to headaches, migraines, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders, and even cancer. Stress causes the body to deal with the perceived threat, kicking into high alert, and this becomes exhausting over time.

Sometimes, particularly if it seems simple stress is getting the better of us, the root cause can be anchored in the past – or even in a past life. We carry with us the shadow of every experience our soul has ever had through eternal incarnations, and sometimes the things we struggle with now have little or even nothing to do with the current lifetime. Yet the impact of these factors can’t be denied in the here and now.

So what is the answer? Past life regression can be of enormous benefit. Sometimes, all it takes is a single session of past life regression to identify and clear the cause of spiritual or emotional angst and trauma which manifests in this life as fear, phobias, physical ailments, or extreme reactions to what, in other people, would be small stressors. Additionally, one can also address anxiety disorders and panic disorders via past life regression or hypnotherapy in Melbourne with Chris Walker in Rowville and Wantirna; these often develop due to stress (especially stress which has been present since childhood). Book an appointment today and take the first step towards clearing your personal canvas for better stress management and a proactive, rather than reactive, approach in the future.  Chris Walker was trained personally by Dolores Cannon and also by Julia Cannon.



Self Consciousness

Self Consciousness

By Chris Walker 2nd

Self consciousness is an extreme form of acute self awareness. While being self aware is a good thing, self consciousness is not. It can occur when you feel that you are being observed, and it leads to feelings of shyness or even being paranoid.

Self consciousness is a form of anxiety. It is caused by an imbalance in how we perceive ourselves; we tend to overvalue the opinions and impressions others have with regards to ourselves. A self conscious person feels hyper-aware of their own actions and how they may be judged by others. The sufferer may feel embarrassed easily and have low self esteem. In some cases, the person’s identity development can even be impaired.

Do you experience any of the following?

  • Fear of disapproval
  • Guilt for an unknown reason
  • Anxiety for an unknown reason
  • Fear of speaking in public
  • Fear of attending social events
  • Fear of being the centre of attention
  • Feeling destroyed by criticism of any kind
  • Self critical

The cause of self consciousness lies in feeling the need for perfectionism. Perhaps you have been in a situation in the past where someone has been overly critical of you. Your pride may have been destroyed. You may have been in a position where you “made a fool of yourself” and those feelings have carried over from that moment to impact your entire life.

Self consciousness can be anything from mildly annoying to debilitating. People can become extremely shy, withdraw socially, and even lose friends. It is not the same as being introverted.

Hypnosis in Melbourne with Chris Walker, or a past life regression session, can be very valuable tools to not only address extreme self consciousness, but to also discover the real cause of it. Whether your emotional stress and angst derives from an event in this lifetime or one from the past, healing the issue at its origin is vital to a new outlook and a new way of living, free from the pain of the past. Even the most self conscious person can move forward with confidence and a new lease on life.

Also Reiki healing, light dynamics healing are also forms of spiritual healing that can be used to increase your awareness and release what is holding you back in life,  We all want to have better lives, so releasing the fear, anxiety, anger can all help to keep growing in the walk of life.  I am based in Rowville and Wantirna (Wantirna Wellness) centre in Melbourne.

Call Chris Walker today for help with self consciousness and to improve your life.  Chris Walker has been expertly trained personally by Dolores Cannon and Julia Cannon using the amazing Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT).  Located in Rowville and Wantirna.

Chris Walker was trained by Dolores Cannon and also by Julia Cannon. first hand

Raising your Vibration

Raising your Vibration

By Chris Walker 26th

Have you had the experience of picking up on another person’s “vibes”? Some people emit positive vibes; others have a vibe that is anything but positive. A person’s vibe is their energy field.

Everything in the Universe is made up of energy – including us. This energy vibrates constantly, at varying rates. We are literally beings made up of different energy levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Our vibration refers to our energetic state – our Universal Life Energy – – and this is determined by many factors, including our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

A low vibration can result in negative beliefs, chronic illness, disempowering thought processes, fear and anxiety, depression, low energy, and attracting the wrong people into your life. A higher vibration is associated with positive emotions, empowering thoughts, good health, and spiritual awareness.

Many things can literally drain your energy and lower your level of vibration, including anger, toxic people, conflict, bad news, stress, and much more.

Like attracts like. A lower vibration will attract mirroring circumstances, as will a high vibration. Those of us living in a place of peace, calm, positivity and happiness emit a higher vibration than those who do not. We all, whether we understand it or not, want and need to exist at a higher vibration – for the good of ourselves, as well as of those and the world around us.

Here are some ways you can actively raise your vibration:

  1. Be aware of your thoughts – thoughts, words, and feelings literally become reality. Acknowledge negative thoughts, thank them for appearing, then dismiss them and replace them with positive thoughts.
  2. Conscious Breathing and Meditation – take time to just be. Still, focused on your breathing, allowing thoughts to come and go. Ten minutes of meditation a day can be life changing.
  3. Conscious Eating – eat real, fresh, natural foods.
  4. Get into Nature. Even if it’s just standing barefoot on the grass. Or walking on the beach. This grounds you to the Earth and all of its healing energies.
  5. Drink plenty of water. Water is essential to flush out toxins and impurities and to help keep your energy body vibrating at a high level.
  6. Soak in a bath or swim in the ocean. Salty is also good, himalayan salt, Epson salt or even just the plain old table salt will do, or a swim or soak in the salt water in oceans waters to release and draw out negativity from you. Remember to drink lots of water afterwards.
  7. Be Grateful. An attitude of gratitude is so important. Appreciate the small things. Focus on the abundance in your life. It can be a good practice to keep a gratitude diary – and write five things each day for which you are grateful.
  8. Be Kind – and expect nothing in return. Avoid gossip, negativity, and avoid others who choose to embrace these things. They can literally be toxic.
  9. Laugh – it’s the best medicine! Great for keeping your vibration really high.
  10. Sing – no matter what you sound like!. this is also known as Toning. When you hit that tone that resonates with your soul, it can be very healing, calming and relaxing.
  11. Dance – no matter what you look like!
  12. Exercise – just going for a short walk is enough to get your blood pumping. Vibration requires movement – sitting still in one place causes stagnation.
  13. See the Bigger Picture. Nothing is permanent. Appreciate the good times; try to be strong through challenges, knowing they are not forever.
  14. Reiki Healing – can be extremely effective in helping to clear energy blocks and raise your vibration.
  15. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy – QHHT – Past Life Regression can be invaluable in clearing negativity which has carried over and has nothing to do with this lifetime.
  16. Light Dynamics Healing – with a healing using Light Dynamics is also great for cutting cords, clearing negative habits, and keeping for vibration really high.

A higher vibration allows you to achieve your goals and to feel stable, creative, secure, confident, passionate, intuitive, expressive and powerful.

I am based in Rowville and Wantirna in Melbourne, so for more information please visit my web page at http://www.lightdynamicshealing.com.au



Life Purpose Are You Seeking Yours

Life Purpose Are You Seeking Yours

By Chris Walker 19th
By far, the biggest question clients come to me seeking answers to relates to their life purpose. “Why am I here?” “What should I be doing?”

So many of us feel like we are not living our life purpose. We feel like we are aimless, marking time. That there is something we “should” be doing but we don’t know what it is. That we haven’t found our passion. That something is missing. That the way we have spent the first forty or fifty years of our life was wasted and was not why we are here. This feeling is frustrating and many of us feel like we are stuck on a never-ending merry-go-round to nowhere. This is the feeling behind many a mid-life crisis, behind many a dramatic sea-change.

Your life purpose is the reason you are here now. It is not the job you do. It is not the amount of money you earn. It can be expressed by your work, but it is not the work itself. For example, your life purpose may be to be a healer. This doesn’t mean you need to be a doctor or a nurse. There are many ways to heal. You may be here to be a teacher. This doesn’t mean that you need to work in a school. Perhaps you teach by example.

How can you find your life purpose? Look inward and ask yourself:

  • What makes you happy?
  • What do you love to do?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What makes you feel wonderful about yourself?
  • What inspires you?
  • What are your natural talents?
  • What are your values?
  • What do you yearn for?
  • What matters to you the most?
  • How can you make the lives of others better?

One of the very best ways to understand and align with your life purpose is through past life regression. During past life regression therapy, and quantum healing hypnosis therapy or QHHT, not only can you explore past incarnations; you are also able to explore your life between lives; that purely spiritual state in which you reside between passing from one lifetime and being born into the next. This purely spiritual state shows you who you really are – this is where your soul meets your guides, and makes your plans. This is where your life purpose is determined.

Finding and understanding your life purpose is exhilarating. Some people feel their calling with certainty their whole lives. Others never find theirs. Having past life regression therapy with Chris Walker in Rowville and Wantirna  can open the door and let in the light – and expose your life purpose to you clearly. Your life purpose is there, under the surface, waiting to be exposed. There is little that could be more liberating than to discover it and live the rest of your life accordingly.

Chris Walker was taught by Dolores Cannon and also by Julia Cannon personally.

When you are living your life purpose it does not seem like work at all,  you are energised, happy, joyful and have enough energy to keep on going.

I find just about every client who comes to see me, this is the number 1 question they ask of me.  What should I be doing with my life, I feel I should be doing something?  And by the end of the session it is very clear on what they should be doing.

The method I use to get the answers you are seeking is not the normal hypnosis,  hypnotherapy or even the normal past life regression out there. QHHT or quantum healing hypnosis therapy is very unique.  I have been personally trained by Dolores Cannon and Julia Cannon.

To find out more information of this amazing healing, and discovering of who you are and what you can be doing with your life, check out my past life regression web site.

Spiritual Awakening. Not just for Beginners

Spiritual Awakening – not just for Beginners

By Chris Walker 12th It’s not just “spiritual novices” who are experiencing an exponential growth in awakening at this time. Even people who have long ago embarked on their spiritual journey of discovery are finding their awakening is occurring at an accelerated pace.

Spiritual awakening happens in stages. It can be likened to the process by which a caterpillar or grub metamorphoses into a majestic butterfly. Humans also can undergo a transformation which is nothing less than dramatic.

Transformation and spiritual awakening are simply the process by which humans remember their spiritual reality. The soul which is incarnated into human form “awakens” and remembers that it is, in fact, a spiritual being. As French philosopher and Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin wrote, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience”.

There are a number of stages of spiritual awakening. They may occur in any order; the individual’s experience depends on their own way of awakening and the pace at which it happens.

  • Catalyst – sometimes, a profound event jolts you to awaken. Or it can be a series of minor events which gradually result in awakening. These events could include a life-threatening illness; depression or an emotional breakdown; a spirit visitation; encountering your soul mate; or a near death experience.
  • Perceptual Shift – events such as relationship issues, job dissatisfaction, a need to make big changes, loss of interest in previously loved hobbies, withdrawing from certain people, or simply questioning the status quo can cause you to perceive life differently. You may feel that your life no longer looks like it should for you.
  • Seeking Answers – mundane aspects of life appear newly exciting, and you are exhilarated by the possibilities. Common in this stage are reading voraciously; insatiable thirst for knowledge; seeking out psychic, intuitive readings; seeking energetic healing; exploring past life regression; travelling to sacred places, such as Stonehenge or Macchu Picchu; and searching for your true Life’s Purpose.
  • Discovery – now that you have metaphorically opened the door, information flows in and you recognise signs like never before. This can include synchronicities; lucid or prophetic dreams; hunches and premonitions; and even what others may deem to be hallucinations. This can be both thrilling and scary.
  • Development – seeking a deeper connection to God and Spirit. You may be eager to meditate; create; be mindful; hone intuitive abilities; study healing methods such as reiki healing, light dynamics healings and crystal therapies; and to have a closer mindful bond with spirit guides and angels.
  • Embracing Spirituality – this stage is all about trusting your connection with Spirit. You are confident to walk your own path, share your knowledge, and to finally purge outdated beliefs and eliminate negativity, toxicity, and stress from your life.
  • Soul Reintegration – living in alignment with your Higher Self. This involves a living in stillness in the Now; no need for worrying, controlling, or planning too far ahead. Previously long-held fears and desires may be left behind, and we become more childlike in our approach to life – in a good way. Ego has little or no place.

When we are awakened, the love and light inherent in the Soul are gradually revealed. At this time, many, many souls are remembering their higher selves. We are so much more than physical beings, and our emotions and even our conscious minds are not the greatest parts of ourselves.

With past life regression, this is a very effective way to remember who you really are.  Once the past lives are shown to you, you have a much greater sense of yourself.  This is also a fantastic way to understanding your life purpose.

I have been personally training by both Dolores Cannon and Julia Cannon in the method of the past life regression and hypnosis work they use called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy or QHHT.

I just love to see the wonder of who they are, just after the session, which gives them the answers and a deep knowing of who they really are.  I am based in Rowville and Wantirna in to eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Spiritual awakening is also a process of you maturing into the person you were always meant to be,  The ego is no longer running your life, but your higher self.  Then you find this amazing peace and happiness in life that stays with you.  Once you have left the old behind it is very hard to go back to your old ways.

The reason I love the past life regression work to unlock who you are, is the lives that are shown to you, are exactly what you are needing to see.  These are not random lives, the super conscious beings I work with will give you what you need to see and understand.




By Chris Walker 22th

“I awoke, only to see that the rest of the world is still asleep” – Leonardo da Vinci.

The number of people who are currently experiencing awakening of a spiritual nature is rising exponentially. This is due to the coming shift in human consciousness to a higher dimension; the concept of this is somewhat complicated.

What is a spiritual awakening?

Put simply, it is the waking up of our consciousness to remember our true nature. It is the renewed awareness that all is connected. It is an evolutionary process which comes from within.

Anyone can experience awakening, and it can begin spontaneously. The process differs between people; some have physical manifestations of change, others experience predominantly psychological or emotional effects. Some people begin a spiritual search for the first time. Spiritual awakening is a personal, inner-journey, and it is totally independent of any religion, doctrine, or dogma. It is between the individual soul and God, or the Source.

People may experience the following signs of the spiritual awakening process:

  • You become more interested in metaphysical and spiritual concepts
  • You may revise long-held spiritual or religious beliefs
  • You feel that time is accelerating
  • You yearn for meaning and answers
  • You notice synchronicities all around you
  • You seek and benefit from energetic healings such as reiki healing for the first time
  • You are drawn to crystals for the first time
  • You become less interested in material concerns and seek freedom from “stuff”
  • Social status and the perceptions of others matter less
  • You grow apart from people who are concerned with what you come to see as being “shallow”
  • You begin to behave and think based on love rather than fear
  • You ponder the “big” questions: why am I here? What is my life purpose?
  • You come to see mistakes as stepping stones as opposed to setbacks
  • You feel overwhelmingly connected with other people, animals, and the natural world
  • You come to understand that thoughts create reality
  • You notice a change in your sleep patterns
  • You find you are more emotional
  • Your eating habits change – new intolerances, unusual cravings, and the desire for a lighter diet
  • Sense amplification: visual changes, ringing in the ears, changes in taste and smell
  • Headaches and flu-like symptoms
  • Vivid dreaming
  • Overwhelming desire to eliminate toxic people and situations from your life; deciding to change jobs and find yourself.
  • Renewed or new-found creativity
  • Intuition increases
  • You call on and communicate with Angels, spirit guides, and God.

Next time, we will look more at how the novice may experience spiritual awakening and embark on a spiritual journey.

To help with your awakening and ascension,  Light Dynamics is the system I used to find peace, harmony, and love of self.  The Light Dynamics courses are just amazing.

To release the blocks that are keeping you stuck, can be released by having a  past life regression in Melbourne with healing.  The QHHT or also referred to as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy developed by Dolores Cannon and now taught by Julia Cannon/ This is a really peaceful way to get answers and move forward in life.

Sexuality Past Lives and Past Life Regeression

Sexuality and Past Lives

By Chris Walker 15th

A person’s sexuality is set from the womb. Whether one is born heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or anywhere else on the human sexuality scale, the point is that we are born the way we are. Our sexual orientation is no more a choice in this lifetime than are the colour of our eyes and skin. But could it be a choice made before we entered this incarnation?

We know that our past lives are interconnected with each other and with this lifetime – could a past lifetime determine our sexuality this time around? Can past life regression offer insight?

The Soul has no gender. Each Soul has both male and female energies; some are equally balanced, but many are more strongly inclined one way or the other. Each of us has lived countless other lifetimes, most completely unremembered without past life regression, yet the echoes of these past experiences remain, in the subconscious at the very least. We have all experienced being both male and female.

Sexual relationships are one way of defining male and female energies; because we all have both within us, we can use both. Sometimes a male body is inhabited by a more feminine energy – and vice versa. Though theoretically “opposites attract”, one’s personal energy may be more compatible with persons of the same physical sex.

Here are some examples of how past lifetime experiences can determine or influence one’s sexuality:

  • You may have chosen to incarnate homosexual in this lifetime to experience prejudice against homosexuals, to balance Karma or simply for the lessons which can be learned. You may have persecuted homosexuals in a past lifetime; by incarnating homosexual this time, you can learn lessons of compassion and forgiveness.
  • You may have experienced more lifetimes as a particular gender and in this lifetime be the opposite gender. Echoes from the past which are carried over may override the “standard” for the gender you currently inhabit.
  • You may have been gay or straight all your life and then meet the one person for whom you change your orientation. This person may be your soul mate or someone with whom you have a strong Karmic connection – and the attraction goes beyond the framework within which you have always existed in this lifetime and up to this point.
  • You may, very early in this lifetime, have had extremely negative experiences with respect to the opposite gender, and may reject that gender sexually later in life due to repressed rage or fear.

Although heterosexuality is the “ideal” purely for reproductive purposes, and may be seen as a kind of “default setting”, homosexuality can be necessary or desired sometimes for inner balance. Masculinity and femininity are not separate but interrelated; one cannot exist without the other.

Whatever the “reason” for one’s sexuality, it’s important to know that it was a choice made by the individual prior to incarnating. There are specific lessons to be learned, specific things to experience.  Past life Regression and hypnotherapy using QHHT or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, are amazing tools by which we can more deeply understand who we are and what we aim to achieve in this lifetime – whether we are gay, straight, transgender, or anything in between. Dolores Cannon’s method is just truly amazing.

Ultimately, we are all here to learn and to experience Love – in all of its forms. That’s all that it is about, LOVE.

For more information, please contact Chris Walker works at Light Dynamics Healing at the Wantirna Wellness centre in Wantirna.

How Do Emotions Affect our Health

How Do Emotions Affect our Health

By Chris Walker 8th

Last week we looked at how negative thoughts and emotions manifest in physical symptoms and illnesses, and how a positive mindset and happy spirit can overcome illness and literally heal the body.

Those of us who have “good” emotional health are mindful of our emotions, thought patterns, and behaviours. A big part of this is having strong and healthy coping mechanisms for life’s normal stressors, as well as having a loving attitude to oneself. Sometimes, however, life’s stressors can become too great, and this can cause a disruption to the inner emotional balance. These stressors aren’t always negative either – good stress can have as much of a negative physical impact as bad stress.

Life events which can have an enormous emotional (and, consequently, physical) impact include starting a new job, losing a job, getting married, having a relationship breakdown, illness or death of a loved one, a job promotion, having a baby, moving house, or a change to one’s financial circumstances. Some people naturally operate on a high stress level all of the time, without any significant life event looming. This is exhausting to the immune system.

The human body responds to thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. When your emotions tell your body that you are angry, sad, anxious, or stressed, your body responds accordingly. This is why a stomach ulcer, for example, can develop after prolonged stress. The mind has manifested this in the body as a physical response to emotional upheaval.

Physical signs and symptoms of emotional imbalance include appetite changes, back pain, headache and migraine, digestive problems, fatigue, high blood pressure, dry mouth, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, panic attack, dizziness, sexual dysfunction, sweating, weight changes, insomnia, and general aches and pains.

Over time, imbalanced emotional health can cause the immune system to weaken; this in turn can result in the development of autoimmune disorders and even diseases such as heart disease and cancer. (Cancer is, to a large degree, an emotional disease; negative thought patterns or high levels of stress for a prolonged period of time are just as much responsible for the development of cancer as are smoking, poor diet, etc. Heart disease, too, can be brought on and accelerated by stress, depression, and other emotional factors).

How you handle stress plays a surprisingly large part in your ongoing physical health and wellbeing. Once negative patterns are ingrained, and we become unwell, it can be a downward spiral into failing physical health, poor emotional health, and the development of life threatening diseases.

Just as YOU are in control of whether or not you smoke, YOU are ultimately in control of your emotions and how they will ultimately impact on you physically. We can’t control what happens in our lives, but we CAN control how we respond to it. By practicing meditation and mindfulness, and by seeking help from a hypnotherapist like Chris Walker, whether for traditional hypnosis in Melbourne or a past life regression, you can learn to remain calm and to take life as it comes. Even the most anxious person can achieve real change – help is just a phone call away.

The type of hypnosis or past life regression I use was taught to me by Dolores Cannon and her daughter Julia Cannon. This being Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT)

Disease and the Mind Body Connection

Disease and the Mind Body Connection

By Chris Walker 1st

For many hundreds of years, doctors and scientists have pondered the link between the mind and the body, and the link between mental and physical health. In fact, up until the 1800s, it was the widespread consensus that emotions were the basis of disease and patients were sent to spas or resorts to get the “cure”.  With advances and the identification of bacteria and toxins, the emotional aspect of disease came to be largely ignored.

Modern scientists have recently rediscovered the link between emotions, such as stress, and physical health. It is now becoming more widely accepted that there is a strong mind-body connection, and that emotional dis-ease manifests as physical disease.

Thoughts are literally things. They are energy – as is everything – and they have an impact on one’s health. Scientific studies have shown that prolonged stress and negative thought patterns compromise the immune system, and manifest as illness. Conversely, positive thinking can boost the immune system. It is proven, for example, that cancer patients who have a more positive outlook and who experience joy will have better outcomes and higher rates for survival than will those with a negative mindset. Take, for instance, a patient who is given a prognosis of six months to live. He may choose to believe this – and will die right on six months. He may give up immediately – and die within weeks. Another with the same prognosis, but with a better mindset, and perhaps not having been informed of the prognosis, will potentially live for much longer – and with a better quality of life.

The mind body connection plays a major role in the influence of an individual’s level of wellness. How does it work? For example, when we experience fear, anger, or stress, the brain translates these thoughts and stimulates the immune system to go into “fight or flight” mode. Hormones are released in response to this, and these hormones affect the cells’ ability to divide – declining immunity and increasing susceptibility to becoming unwell.

Fear also manifests as disease. It can even cause death – in the absence of a valid physical cause of death. If an outcome is predicted and believed, events will develop within the person’s mind which will ultimately bring the prediction to pass.

The mind body connection explains why placebo medicines can work, and why the nocebo phenomenon exists (where patients become sicker when the expectation that they will do so is suggested).

Health is literally a state of mind. As such, hypnotherapy and past life regression are both very valuable tools which can be used to promote good physical health.

Hypnotherapy can be useful to reprogram the way the mind operates, and to foster a more positive outlook and better responses to stress.

Past life regression using Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy or also known as QHHT, goes deeper, by addressing root causes of beliefs in past experiences from prior incarnations. Quantum healing hypnosis therapy, the gold standard for fast and permanent healing, utilises the Source energy of the Universe to heal the body and the mind from a subconscious, soul level.

The body regenerates itself completely in a remarkably short time – just a few days for tissues such as the stomach lining, and a few months for the skeleton. Just imagine how healthy and renewed your body could be in a year if you had a renewed outlook and better ways of dealing with life’s challenges … hypnosis and past life regression using the unique method of, quantum healing hypnosis therapy or QHHT for short,  could be your answer.

For more information contact Chris Walker

The Chakra System Explained The Crown Chakra

The Chakra System Explained: The Crown Chakra

By Chris Walker

Finalising our series on the human body’s energy system, let’s take a look at the seventh level, or the Crown Chakra. The highest Chakra within the physical body, it is located at the top of the skull, just towards the back of the head.

The Crown Chakra is the energetic and vibratory centre of spirituality, dynamic energy and thought, enlightenment, and connection with the Divine. It facilitates the flow of information from the cosmic consciousness and the reception of wisdom. It is through the Crown Chakra that the Soul animates and enters the physical body, and it is our centre of connection with God or the Source.

The Soul enters the body through the Crown Chakra at birth (usually) and exits from here at the moment of physical death. The silver cord which connects the auric bodies also extends from the crown of the head.

In traditional Hindu mysticism, the Crown Chakra is represented by a lotus of a thousand petals.

The Crown Chakra:

Sanskrit Sahasrara (Thousand-fold)
Colour Violet
Element The Soul and Thought
Basics Spiritual Awareness, Karma, Grace, Spiritual Awakening, Divinity
Rights Represented To Know
Blocks caused by Attachment
Sense Consciousness
Hormonal Glands Pineal Gland
Body Represented The Karmic or Causal Body; the Soul
“Body Parts” Thoughts


A balanced Crown Chakra will manifest as open-mindedness, wisdom, mastery, sense of connection to Spirit, intelligence, thoughtfulness, awareness, perceptive and intuitive abilities, and ability to analyse and assimilate information.

Where the Crown Chakra is blocked, the individual may be spiritually cynical, have rigid belief systems, be materialistic, greedy, and dominating, apathetic, and may experience learning issues.

A Crown Chakra which is excessively open will potentially cause spiritual addiction, dissociation, lack of groundedness, confusion, and over-intellectualisation.

Healing the Crown Chakra can be affected by meditation, goal setting, reestablishment of connection between body, mind, and spirit, and consideration of personal belief systems.

Essential oils which can help to balance the Crown Chakra include frankincense and jasmine. Healing crystals to balance the Crown Chakra include diamond, clear quartz, amethyst, selenite, pyrite, and moldavite.

Past life issues may manifest in the Crown Chakra; if, during a previous incarnation, one was inconsistent in thought, word, and deed, divided consciousness in this life can result. Put simply, if what a person believes or thinks differs from their words or actions, their consciousness is divided – and this represents very tricky Karma. Examples can include but are not limited to con-artists, religious extremists, marital philanderers, and suicide bombers. Hypocrisy may be paramount in these people.

The most effective way to heal the Crown Chakra is through past life regression therapy in Melbourne, and quantum healing hypnosis therapy or QHHT for short, which is a method devised by Dolores Cannon. Chris Walker at Light Dynamics Healing uses this remarkably effective method, which guides clients into the deepest trance state. From here not only are past lives accessible; the Subconscious and Superconscious may be addressed for information and a level of healing which has no equal. Past life regression can quickly change lives for the better. Contact Chris today.

The Chakra System Explained: The Third Eye Chakra

The Chakra System Explained: The Third Eye Chakra

By Chris Walker

The sixth level of energetic vibration in the human body is represented at the Third Eye, or Brow Chakra. This Chakra is located on the forehead, in the centre between and just above the eyebrows. Behind here, in the skull, is the pituitary gland.

The Third Eye Chakra is the centre for higher intuition and the energies related to Light and Spirit. It opens one up to intuition and psychic ability, and helps to purify negativity and selfishness. It fosters receptiveness to the infinite nature of the Universe and the ability to awaken to the endless possibilities that exist for manifestation of one’s dreams.

The Third Eye Chakra exists to teach the power of the mind, and how one can heal oneself through willpower. It is via the Third Eye that one can tune into the guidance of the Higher Self, tune into the creative forces of the Universe, and manifest desires.

The Third Eye Chakra:

Sanskrit Ajna (To Perceive))
Colour Indigo
Element Light
Basics Intuition, intellect, mindfulness, clarity, imagination
Rights Represented To See
Blocks caused by Illusions
Sense Intuition
Hormonal Glands Pituitary Gland
Body Represented The Higher Mental Body
Body Parts Eyes, ears, nose, face, brain; lymphatic, endocrine, and neurological systems


A balanced and open Third Eye Chakra allows a person to be their own master, without attachment to material things, and without fear of death. The individual may personally experience telepathy, past life recall, and even astral travel.

If the Third Eye Chakra is blocked, the individual will likely experience insensitivity, lack of empathy, lack of imagination and ability to visualise, poor memory, visual problems, denial, and inability to remember dreams.

When the Third Eye Chakra is excessively open, the person will likely experience hallucinations, headaches, delusions, obsessions, nightmares, and have problems with concentration.

Healing the Third Eye Chakra can be achieved by practicing meditation; visualisation; colouring, drawing, and other visual arts; hypnosis; dream analysis; guided visual stimulation and meditation, and past life regression therapy.

Essential oils which can be helpful to balance the Third Eye Chakra include rosemary, spearmint, peppermint, lavender, and geranium. Healing crystals used to balance and heal the Third Eye Chakra during energy healing and crystal therapy include sodalite, lepidolite, fluorite, azurite, and amethyst.

Past life issues carried into this incarnation can manifest in the Third Eye Chakra as Procrastination. Difficulties in currently taking action likely relate to issues with inaction or over-action in the past incarnation. These can be caused by a range of scenarios, including past life death from overwork; being harmed for taking an action; or being punished for laziness. Current manifestations of these issues may present as laziness, procrastination, indecisiveness, poorly-chosen focus, becoming stuck in a rut, and being trapped in one’s comfort zone.

The most effective healing method for issues related to the Third Eye Chakra is past life regression and quantum healing hypnosis therapy or also known as QHHT. This amazing past life regression technique is the most effective method possible to achieve the somnambulistic trance state, and in that state to personally address issues from past lives and to understand and clear them once and for all.


The Chakra System Explained The Throat Chakra

The Chakra System Explained: The Throat Chakra

By Chris Walker 3

The fifth chakra centre in the energy system of the human body is the Throat Chakra. This Chakra is located in the sternal notch, or the “V” between the collarbones at the base of the neck.

The Throat Chakra is the energetic and vibratory centre for sound, communication, and creative expression through speech, writing, and thought. The potentials for healing and transformation are located in this Chakra. The throat is that part of the body where anger and resentment are stored, and this is also the place from which these are released.

The Throat Chakra exists to help to fine your authentic voice and to express it. It allows communication of needs, desires, and core beliefs.

The Throat Chakra:

Sanskrit Vissudha (Purification)
Colour Blue
Element Ether, or Akasa
Basics Communication, self-discipline, self-expression, speaking one’s own truth
Rights Represented To both speak and hear the truth
Blocks caused by Lies
Sense Hearing
Hormonal Glands Thyroid Gland
Body Represented The Mental Body
Body Parts Thyroid, throat, neck, teeth, ears and jaw


A balanced Throat Chakra is expressed in a person as being a good listener; communicating clearly; having a resonant voice, with a sense of appropriate timing and rhythm; and living creatively.

If the Throat Chakra is blocked, the person will experience fear of speaking out; have a small or weak voice; be tone deaf or shy; have poor rhythm; and find it difficult to express feelings.

A Throat Chakra which is excessively open will manifest as an inability to listen; talking excessively or as a defence mechanism; gossiping; interrupting; and possibly as stuttering.

Healing the Throat Chakra can be achieved by practicing silence; story telling; letter writing; chanting or singing; releasing the voice; working on inner-child communication; and loosening of the neck and shoulders through stretching, exercise, and massage.

Essential oils which can help to balance the Throat Chakra include oils of patchouli and lavender. Healing crystals to balance the Throat Chakra include sodalite, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, sapphire, turquoise, blue quartz, blue tourmaline, and blue lace agate..

As with all of the other Chakras, past life issues can manifest in the Throat Chakra. In the Throat Chakra, these may present as grief, sadness and crying with no apparent reason – even when everything else in your current life is going well. Past lives can be the reason for this misunderstood grief and emotional release as tears. The causes can include loss of a loved one; loss of a loved past life; or loss of a cause or way of life from the past which no longer exists. Signs of a past life cause for a Throat Chakra blockage include crying with no clear reason; crying when hearing a certain piece of music or smelling a certain fragrance; or crying when visiting a particular place for the first time.

Healings available at Light Dynamics Healing can clear and balance all of the Chakras, including the Throat Chakra. The most effective healing method by far, however, is past life regression and quantum healing hypnosis therapy or also known as QHHT.  Chris uses this remarkably effective method to achieve the deepest trance state, and from there to address issues from past lives at the deepest level –clearing and healing them once and for all.  Also available are crystal healing and charka balancing.

The Chakra System Explained The Heart Chakra

The Chakra System Explained: The Heart Chakra

By Chris Walker 27

The fourth chakra centre in the human body’s energy system is the Heart Chakra. This Chakra is located behind the sternum, or breastbone, and on the front of the spine between the shoulder blades.

The Heart Chakra is the energetic centre of compassion, spirituality, and, most importantly, love. It connects the mind and body with Spirit, and controls one’s ability to give love, receive love, and to love oneself.

This Chakra keeps the heart open and loving, by purifying and cleansing the other Chakras of negativity. The Heart Chakra works to keep the entire energy field of the body positive, by vibrating on a positive, higher frequency. This allows for love to flow and to draw in a life brimming with what makes you feel happy and joyful. A person with a balanced Heart Chakra will likely have a strong immune system.

The Heart Chakra:

Sanskrit Anahatra (Unstuck)
Colour Green
Element Air
Basics Love, self-love, unconditional love, relationships, intimacy, devotion, forgiveness.
Rights Represented To love and be loved
Blocks caused by Grief
Sense Touch
Hormonal Glands Thymus Gland
Body Represented The Sensory Body
Body Parts Heart, lungs, circulation, upper back and shoulders

A balanced Heart Chakra results in feeling friendly, compassionate, and being able to experience empathy for others. It allows for seeing the good in others and having a desire to nurture.

If the Heart Chakra is blocked, the person will feel paranoid, indecisive, and be unable to let go of issues. They will be afraid of getting hurt and unworthy of receiving love. They may be withdrawn, antisocial, judgmental, intolerant, and bitter. Many people who are narcissistic have a blocked Heart Chakra.

A Heart Chakra which is excessively open can cause a person to be jealous, demanding, co-dependent, and possessive.

Healing the Heart Chakra may involve working on co-dependency and the inner child, practising forgiveness, hugging, self discovery, and breathing exercises.

Essential oils which may be helpful for healing the Heart Chakra include sandalwood, cedarwood, and rose. Healing crystals to balance the Heart Chakra include rose quartz, jade, malachite, adventuring, emerald, and rhodonite.

Past life issues can manifest in the Heart Chakra. These will present as undue fear. Fears which exist but have no context in the current lifetime are likely carried over from a past incarnation. These may include fear or instant dislike of another; fear of certain substances (for example, alcohol); or fear of certain situations (heights, illness, certain animals, etc). If these exist without any present-life cause, and if there is a chronic pattern to the fear, unhealed past life causes are likely.

Past Life Regression Therapy, Reiki healing, energetic chakra healing and crystal healing are all available at Light Dynamics Healing. These can clear and balance the Chakras. The most effective healing method by far, however, is past life regression and Dolores Cannon using quantum healing hypnosis therapy or better known as QHHT. Chris can use this to address issues from past incarnations at the deepest level –clearing and healing them once and for all, so that you can continue in this lifetime, unimpeded by your past.

The Chakra System Explained: The Solar Plexus Chakra

The Chakra System Explained: The Solar Plexus Chakra

By Chris Walker 20

The third centre in the human body’s energy system is the Solar Plexus Chakra. This Chakra is situated five centimetres, or two inches, below the sternum or breastbone, behind the stomach.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the energetic centre of the ego, personal power, and of impulses, passions, anger, and strength. It is the centre from which astral influences and astral travel emanate, and is a place at which psychic development and spiritual guidance are received. That “gut feeling” many describe experiencing is from the Solar Plexus Chakra.

The Solar Plexus Chakra’s function is to ensure we live in accordance with our beliefs. It is one’s own personal “bodyguard”; it allows us to stand up for what we believe, to feel tranquillity and inner harmony, with strong self acceptance. It fosters respect for others’ emotions and human natures, and promotes feelings of unity with everything that is.

Solar Plexus Chakra problems may manifest as digestive issues.

The Solar Plexus Chakra:

Sanskrit Manipura (lustrous gem)
Colour Yellow
Element Fire
Basics Self esteem, personal power, energy, will, responsibility, and self image, courage of convictions.
Rights Represented To act, to be an individual
Blocks caused by Shame
Sense Sight
Hormonal Glands Adrenal Glands
Body Represented Astral Body
Body Parts Stomach, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, small intestine.


A balanced Solar Plexus Chakra allows a person to feel outgoing, cheerful, expressive, and to enjoy new challenges with a strong and healthy sense of personal power. Self respect is paramount.

If the Solar Plexus Chakra is blocked, the person may feel weak and low in energy; passive and fearful; having poor self esteem and a victim mentality with a tendency to blame others. Unreliability and poor self discipline are common, and the person is likely to be cold both physically and emotionally.

A Solar Plexus Chakra which is excessively open can cause a person to be domineering, aggressive, controlling and blaming of others, arrogant, manipulative, and power hungry. These persons are frequently excessively ambitious and competitive with others to a fault, and may have boundless energy to the extent of being manic.

Tips to heal the Solar Plexus Chakra include controlling personal stress, vigorous exercise, taking risks, and psychotherapy to release anger, work on issues of shame, and to strengthen both self esteem and willpower.

Helpful essential oils for healing the Solar Plexus Chakra include rosemary, lavender, bergamot, and juniper. Healing crystals which balance the Solar Plexus Chakra include citrine, tiger’s eye, yellow topaz, yellow tourmaline, amber and peridot.

Past life issues which manifest in the Solar Plexus Chakra do so as an addictive personality. Addiction is anything to which we give our attention that negatively impacts how we function, and hence causes imbalance. One negative aspect of incarnating on Earth is that we are open to becoming addicted to anything – and every one of us will experience addiction of some kind during the cycle of reincarnation as part of our Karma. Past life issues are often the root cause of these imbalances.

Reiki healing, energetic chakra healing and crystal healing are all offered by Chris Walker at Light Dynamics Healing to heal all of the Chakras, including the Solar Plexus Chakra. By far the most effective healing method, however, is past life regression and quantum healing hypnosis therapy. QHHT.  This method will address and heal the issues from past incarnations at the deepest level – hence clearing them once and for all, and releasing the Karma attached to them.

The Chakra System Explained: The Sacral Chakra

The Chakra System Explained: The Sacral Chakra

By Chris Walker 13

The second centre in the human body’s energy system is the Sacral, or Belly Chakra. The Sacral Chakra located five centimetres, or two inches, below the navel (bellybutton), and is deeply rooted in the spine.

The Sacral Chakra holds our basic needs for creativity, self-worth, intuition, and sexuality. It is all about one’s emotions and creative expression, as well as personal confidence and our ability to relate to others in a friendly and open manner.

The biggest influence on the Sacral Chakra is the expression or repression of emotions during childhood and the formative years. This may be due to personal or parental influences.

The Sacral Chakra allows us to discover who we are; what brings us pleasure, and knowledge that we deserve pleasure; and allows us to manifest pleasures and joy in life.

The Sacral Chakra:

Sanskrit Svadhisthana (sweetness)
Colour Orange
Element Water
Basics Sexuality, creativity, emotions, personal ethics and honour
Rights Represented To want and to feel
Blocks caused by Guilt
Sense Taste and touch
Hormonal Glands Pancreas and ovaries (women)
Body Represented Ethereal Body
Body Parts Sexual organs (women), bladder, kidneys, and colon


A balanced Sacral Chakra displays itself in grace and fluidity of movement, emotional maturity and intelligence, the ability to embrace and experience pleasure, adaptation to change, nurturing of both the self and others, free flowing with emotions, healthy sexuality, and healthy boundary setting.

If the Sacral Chakra is blocked, the person may feel emotionally eruptive, obsessed with sex, may lack energy, and may exhibit manipulative behaviours. They may experience frigidity or even fear of sex; poor social skills; lack passion, excitement and desire; fear change; and deny self and others pleasure; and be rigid in attitude.

A Sacral Chakra which is excessively open can result in the person displaying sexual addiction; excessive sensitivity; strong, inappropriate emotions; emotional dependency or obsessive attachment; or manipulation of others.

Tips to heal the Sacral Chakra include physical movement, therapies to evoke emotional release, inner child work, soul retrieval, chakra healing and Reiki, boundary work, adoption of healthy pleasures, creative expression, and developing one’s sense awareness.

Helpful essential oils for healing the Sacral Chakra include rosemary, sandalwood, jasmine, ylang-ylang, rose, and juniper. Healing crystals which benefit and balance the Sacral Chakra include citrine, carnelian, amber, topaz, fire agate, fire opal, and moonstone.

Past life issues may manifest in the Sacral Chakra. These will often relate to feelings of being deserving of poor treatment, as in an abusive relationship. Any act by another which causes severe pain or suffering and is intentionally inflicted in a love relationship likely has a past life cause. This pain and abuse may be physical, mental, spiritual, sexual or emotional in nature. Some examples include a husband physically abusing his wife, or a parent consistently verbally abusing their child. Sometimes the victim in this lifetime was the perpetrator in a past life, and roles are now reversed; or the same roles are again playing out this time around. In many cases, both victim and abuser feel that the abuse is deserved.

There are a number of ways the Sacral Chakra can be healed with Chris at Light Dynamics Healing. These include Reiki healing, energetic chakra healing and crystal healing. By far the most effective in the long term is past life regression with Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy,(QHHT). This method can address the underlying feelings and past experiences causing issues with creativity, self worth, and sexuality. By working on the root cause, these issues can be cleared and conquered once and for all.

The Chakra System Explained: The Root Chakra

The Chakra System Explained: The Root Chakra

By Chris Walker

The first centre in the human body’s energy system is the Root or Base Chakra. It is located at the base of the spine in the perineum, between the tailbone at the back and the pubic bone at the front. The Root Chakra governs the basic human need for security and survival, and it is powerfully related to how we are grounded with the Earth. The state of the Root Chakra determines how we are able to manifest stability and security for the basic needs of survival, including financial abundance. The Root Chakra:

Sanskrit Muladhara
Colour Red
Element Earth
Basics The seat of Kundalini: survival, stability, self preservation, grounding, fear, and safety.
Rights Represented To exist and to have
Blocks caused by Fear
Sense Smell
Hormonal Glands Reproductive Organs
Body Represented Physical Body
Body Parts Lower back, hips, legs, sexual organs

A balanced Root Chakra displays itself in good health, abundant vitality, a sense of trust in the world and feelings of safety and security. The person will be grounded, able to relax, and will experience prosperity.

If the Root Chakra is blocked, the person may feel insecure, fearful, anxious, helpless, unworthy, and frustrated. Lack of self confidence and unhappiness with the appearance of the physical body is not uncommon. Physical manifestations of Root Chakra blockage include obesity, anorexia nervosa, depression, and knee problems. Financial difficulty and chronic lack of organisation are often present.

A Root Chakra which is excessively open can result in the person displaying materialism, greed, monotony, laziness, sluggishness, and an addiction to money.

Tips to heal the Root Chakra include grounding, physical activity, massage, and reclamation of one’s right to be here. Helpful essential oils include cedar wood, sandalwood, and patchouli. Healing crystals for the Root Chakra include hematite, onyx, black tourmaline, smokey quartz, agate, garnet, ruby, and red tiger’s eye. Past life issues which can manifest in the Root Chakra as blockages include poverty mindsets and a lack of self love. If it seems that money always flows away as soon as it comes, a past life issue with poverty probably keeps the person in a mindset of looming financial disaster. Since thoughts strong energy, this becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Past life regression using the unique method called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) can optimally address the underlying emotions causing money problems and in turn improve the current financial situation. Additionally, Chris can undertake healing treatments including Reiki, spiritual healing, light dynamics, chakra healing, and crystal healing to clear energy blockages and help manifest abundance and security in this incarnation.

Please check out the website: http://www.lightdynamicshealing.com.au for past life regression work and healing to resolve your issues to move forward.

Past Life Regression versus Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression versus Hypnotherapy

By Chris Walker

Past life regression and basic hypnotherapy both employ hypnosis at their core, as the method by which change for the better is affected for the client. By assisting and guiding the client to achieve the alpha state, which is the state of consciousness felt when relaxed, the hypnotherapist is able to facilitate healing for the client.

So how is past life regression different from basic hypnotherapy, in the results achieved? What is to be gained from exploring and reopening the door to our soul’s past? Why do I, in many cases, recommend a past life regression over normal hypnosis therapy?

First we need to briefly look at the brain’s natural brainwave states. There are five brain wave frequencies which we all attain at different times:

  • Gamma waves: high cognitive functioning states. Important for learning, perception, cognition, binding the senses, and during REM sleep states.
  • Beta waves:  Normal awake state, with high frequency and low amplitude. Allows conscious focus, memory, and problem solving.
  • Alpha waves: bridge the gap between conscious and subconscious. It is an optimally relaxed state, which helps us to become calm when stressed.
  • Theta waves: associated with daydreaming and sleep, and the experience of raw emotions. The theta state is the seat of creativity, emotional connections, intuition, and the subconscious mind.
  • Delta waves: slow waves associated with deep, dreamless sleep.

Conventional hypnotherapy involves placing the client into a light trance, or deep alpha state. Healing for the client is facilitated by simply reprogramming the conscious mind to change behaviours and responses. The therapist is in the driver’s seat as far as suggestions are concerned; however the client must accept and take on board these suggestions. They will never accept anything they do not wish to or which does not complement their values.

Past Life Regression Therapy differs in that the client is in the driver’s seat. The therapist guides the client into a deep alpha state, unless quantum healing hypnosis therapy (QHHT) is being employed (as it is at Light Dynamics Healing). QHHT involves placing the client into the theta state. This is a much deeper state of relaxation and is where much more profound effects are to be achieved. The client in this state can easily be guided to the most relevant past life (or life between lives) to find root causes of issues or answers to other questions such as life purpose. By identifying actual causes, understanding exactly why current issues are taking place is achieved; the issues can be resolved and released in the healing part of the session, during which the Super Conscious works to bring about permanent resolution physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

At Light Dynamics Healing, both conventional hypnotherapy and past life regression are provided by Chris in Melbourne, on an as-needs basis. While hypnotherapy can be very valuable, however, past life regression is unsurpassed in affecting true and lasting change for the better in the lives of clients from all walks of life. It is a privilege to work in this exciting arena.

Chris Walker was under the guidance of Dolores Cannon and Julia Cannon, who are both amazing teachers, and have been using this technique for decades.

The type of past life regression work uses a specialised form called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, or QHHT for short.  this method was developed over 45 years of the work from Dolores Cannon.  It has the healing component in it and that is why I just love it so much.   this is not your normal hypnosis out there, and not even the standard past life regression out there.  it does go beyond all that.

Addiction and Past Life Causes

Addiction and Past Life Causes

By Chris Walker

When we hear the term “addiction”, we invariably think of addiction to alcohol, narcotics, or cigarettes. But addiction takes many forms (gambling, sex, pornography, caffeine, sugar, work, exercise, hoarding, shopping, money, control, etc) – and almost all of us are affected by it in one form or another, whether it be our own addiction, or that of someone we know.

Karmically, when we enter our present incarnations, what almost everyone forgets is that the challenges we face in this lifetime were actively chosen by each individual in order to try to resolve past life issues. It is, basically, unfinished business. That unfinished business can include the release and breaking of a habit which no longer serves us.

Addictions are always karmically based. For example, a baby born with an addiction (due to the mother’s use of drugs, for example) has a relatively pure and simple karmic debt to work off. For addictions that manifest later in life, the individual has had earlier opportunities in the past to work off their karmic debt but have not successfully done so.

Past life regression studies suggest that most people dealing with addiction in their current lifetime have been working on the issue for a number of (usually) consecutive past lives. That they are still dealing with it illustrates that addiction is one of the most challenging lessons a Soul must overcome.

One of the most effective ways to prevent, treat, and overcome an addiction is to fully understand why it occurs.

Addiction affects not just the addict; it impacts upon the family, friends, and colleagues of the addict. This is an opportunity for these Souls to learn lessons from the other perspective of addiction.

  • Biochemically, when something makes us feel good, we seek it out more and more – to the point that we can’t feel good without it.
  • Karmically, the pattern of behaviour we carry from past lives is stored in our cellular memory from the moment our Soul enters the body at its birth. As we grow and develop in the new incarnation, we receive opportunities to gently address this past life pattern that resonates within. Ultimately, that pattern resonance is either manifested as an addiction or it is released. There is always a pattern of events which lead up to and even predict an addiction’s manifestation.

Past life regression is an extremely effective method of addressing issues with addiction. The root source of the addiction can be identified, understood, and, with a quantum healing hypnosis therapy session, there are times when the karma may be instantly released (if to do so is to the Soul’s benefit). I can’t recommend this treatment highly enough to those dealing with the ramifications of addiction of any kind.

for more information please visit my website:
Light Dynamics Healing.com.au   about more information on what happens during a Past Life regression or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT).

Also note that you have to be in a place where you WANT change.  I can not and no one else can do that for you.  we can motivate you, but truly you have to really want the change in your life.

Chris Walker works in Rowville and Wantirna Melbourne

What Are the Akashic Records

What Are the Akashic Records

By Chris Walker

One of the many benefits of past life regression is access to the Akashic Records. Additionally, those who can read or intuit the past lives on behalf of another are accessing the Akashic Records.

In existence since even before the beginning of physical Creation, the Akashic Records have been described as such for well over five thousand years, and the term comes from the Sanskrit word for “space”, “sky”, or “ether”: “akasha”. This hidden library is an energetic imprint; a secret hall of records which contains every thought and memory ever created in this and all other Universes. All of creation, both past and future, is recorded here; human, plant, animal, mineral, and other dimensions of life and consciousness are all stored in their own records. It is a difficult concept for the human conscious mind to grasp, yet its reality is fully supported by quantum physics.

Ancient peoples are known to have accessed the Akasha, including the very ancient Atlanteans, the Egyptians, the Druids, the Moors, the Persians, and the Mayans. The Akasha is referred to by Nostradamus, Greek Oracles, the Kabbalah, the Christian Gnostics, and Edgar Cayce, amongst many others.

Human consciousness is limited by itself, and we are only aware of a tiny fraction of a percentage of information which is constantly flooding into the Universe. The Akashic Records exist at the subconscious level, and only via a deep trance as facilitated by Chris during a past life regression, or quantum healing hypnosis therapy, can this infinite library of experiences be accessed.

One’s personal Akashic Records are stored on a frequency of energy vibration unique from that of anyone or anything else in the Universe, like a psychic fingerprint for your Soul. It is encoded on a non-physical plane of existence – every bit as real as our Third Dimension world appears, but invisible to us as humans.

We do not consciously remember all of our past lives, or our lives between, as to do so would be overwhelming and tedious, and would likely impinge on our ability to live fully in the here and now. There are but a few significant events from the past which remembering will be of benefit to most people.

People who can read the Akashic Records are only given access to that information which Higher Beings or the Higher Self agrees they need to know. The vast majority of these records are actively kept from our consciousness.

Access to these records can facilitate change in one’s life, and open awareness to one’s benefit. This knowledge can invoke healing for the reader for their own self, or on behalf of another. By knowing Truth, one can release illusions about separateness and about who we really are. Our bodies are simply the suits we wear for our time on Earth.

It is yet another remarkable example of the reality which exists around and within us, and of which most of us are totally unaware.

Using Dolores Cannon’s method of past life regression, many clients want to know what happened to them.  assessing the Akashic Records.  this is done in the last part of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session when we get to ask questions.

Chris Walker is a dedicated level 2 practitioner of Dolores Cannon’s  Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy type of past life work, and a Past Life Regression Therapist.  He work in Melbourne.

Karma and Past Life Regression

Karma and Past Life Regression

By Chris Walker

“As you sow, so shall you reap”.  What is Karma and how does it work?

Most of us have heard the term “Karma” – but what does it really mean? If we do something bad, does that mean Karma will give us something bad in return? If someone has a particularly unfortunate life, is it because they somehow deserve it?

Put simply (and it is not necessarily a simple concept), Karma is action. Every action, and every thought, has its consequences. Karma is the Law of Cause and Effect.

Everything a Soul has ever done or thought is stored within that Soul. If something from a previous lifetime is saved in the subconscious, it will continue to influence current lifetimes. Karma both echoes from the past, but it also creates the future. Karma is a conditioning of the Soul via imagination and memory. Many people are prisoners of their personal Karma, because they are conditioned by their past to continue to behave the same way into the future. For example, if a person makes a relationship with something negative, it will produce a negative result, and vice versa.

According to the Buddha (who, like Jesus and Mohammed, came to Earth as a very enlightened Soul from the higher dimensions, in order to lead and teach by example), Karma relates to our intentions. We have our behaviour, words, and actions, and then we have the intention behind those actions. The intention, which is the motivating force behind all human actions, falls into one of the following categories: kindness/goodwill; generosity; compassion; anger/ill-will; greed; and cruelty. Our intentions are mirrored in our thoughts – and thoughts, as much as actions, are energy, and as such are just as powerful as actions.

Our thoughts become things. If we focus negatively, we will come to embody negativity. If our thoughts are positive, we come to embody positivity.

Karma is accumulated by living many hundreds of lifetimes here on Earth. We often repeat the same mistakes time and time again, and this puts us into a cycle of Karma which must be ultimately broken and released in order to ascend into higher dimensions – which is every Soul’s aim. Enlightenment is required to break the bonds of Karma.

When we choose to incarnate on Earth, we agree to experience hardships and challenging relationships in order to learn from that experience. We plan the outline of the lifetime, and agree to contracts with various other Souls to embark on the journey together, with the aim of overcoming and releasing Karmic attachments. The Karma we deal with in this lifetime may not necessarily be from our last incarnation, however; Karma may be resultant from ten lifetimes ago. It does not work in a linear fashion.

During the channelling session I attend the higher beings have explained manifestation and karma are sort of related to each other.  they are both a feed back loop.  As you are in a happy peaceful place, that will bring more of that to you.  and so it continues.  If you are really pissed off, but are trying to have new thoughts of love and happiness, it is very hard to get there.  as the current energy is of being pissed off.

Through Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy and Past Life Regression, not only can Karmic bonds be recognised and understood; the Super Conscious (enlightened beings close to the Source) can effectively release and dissolve Karma to speed up the elimination of energetic blockages in the client (if it is to the client’s benefit to do so). The healing resultant from this dissolution of Karma is remarkable to bear witness to, and is a privilege to be able to facilitate.

In some Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) sessions, I have asked the super conscious, if the issues you are facing of karma can be healed and removed.  They always say yes.  as that is why you are seeing me,  you are ready for it to be healed at let go.

Dolores Cannon and Julia Cannon have years and years of experience. Dolores about 45 years and Julia over 20 years.  So I am very fortunate to be taught by these two experts.

The past life regression session are in Melbourne. so I would love to help you move forward in life.


Past life Regression and Exploring Your Life between Lives

Past life Regression and Exploring Your Life between Lives

By Chris Walker

We have talked a lot about past life regression therapy, and how it can both heal current life issues, and also foster greater understanding of one’s current path and connections with those with whom we are on our journey during this lifetime.

Past life regression can also expose our life between lives.

As mentioned previously, our Souls are eternal. They have existed since the beginning of time, and will exist until the end of time. Each Soul is a tiny expression of the Source, or God. We come into physical lifetimes in order to be challenged, learn and evolve, with the end target being to elevate ourselves to once again be at one with the Source.

After our physical body dies, we generally do not reincarnate to the physical again straight away. Our Souls go to a different plane of existence, which many refer to as Heaven; there are many spiritual planes above the physical Third Dimension which we must attain before reaching God (said to be the tenth plane).

Upon arrival on the next plane, we are met and guided by others who have gone before. We have a time of rest and introspection, during which we assess and ponder upon the life we have just left. This is followed by a period of learning and planning for the next incarnation.

During a regression to your life between lives, you will be taken to the Spirit realm to see and remember what happens there. You will meet your spirit guides or guardian angel (we all have guidance and protection from the other side). You will see those in Spirit whom you have known during different incarnations here on earth. You can meet your Soul group, and be reminded of contracts, agreements, and karmic promises and obligations which the conscious mind does not remember.

The effects of this kind of regression are amazing. This is your true self without the compromises of being in the physical form. People afterwards feel encouraged, and have greater understanding and compassion. Inner strength is compounded, and people recall that they are, in fact, in control of their life.

A life between lives regression is not only remarkably interesting, it can be profoundly healing. It invariably eases or completely eliminates the fear of dying and the unknown. When the physical body dies and we return to the spirit realm, we truly are returning home – and many who experience these regressions describe the experience as exactly that: a comfortable and joyful return home. It is a positive, life changing experience.

When exploring the spirit world. many things are known to you. and you are there to work on the thing for your souls progression to advance.  sometime these tasks that you decide to do can be easy and sometime very hard in life.

During a typical Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) or Past Life Regression session, as there is no real typical session,  I can take you sprit side to explore what goes on there if you like.  I also get your guide or guides or your guardian angel to step forward.  There are not also starting to heal people and send loving healing energy to you.  they also have a very important message for you as well.  I find that this really help people see there helpers that are around them.

Great healing can take place, finding out what life is like between life times. Clients find amazing peace as it is so real to them, when they explore this part of a past life regression.  Chris Walker at Light Dynamics Healing in Rowville and Wantirna in Melbourne can guide you safely and peacefully though a past life and moving you to spirit side to explore what goes on between life times.  I find it work just amazing.  Chris still studies under Dolores Cannon and Julia Cannon to keep learning and evolving this amazing method of Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT).

How Can Past Life Regression Benefit this Lifetime

How Can Past Life Regression Benefit this Lifetime

By Chris Walker   

We have talked quite a bit in recent posts about how our past lives can impact on our current lifetimes, often in what seems to be a detrimental way. Phobias, addictions, difficult relationships, and even physical health issues can be traced to events and impressions brought forward into this lifetime. Past life regression therapy and quantum healing hypnosis therapy are incredibly helpful to clear these issues from impacting negatively on our current incarnation, and on what we are here to achieve this time around.

Past life influences, however, are not all negative. There is, in fact, much we bring with us from past incarnations which can be very valuable, and may even enhance this lifetime immeasurably.

As mentioned before, our Souls are eternal. The part of ourselves that is “us” has nothing to do with the human form. The physical body may be likened to a suit of clothing we don for this incarnation; like an old suit wears out and needs to be replaced, so the body wears out, and at the moment of “death” we shed the body, or “suit”, and carry on in Spirit (our true self) until the time comes to incarnate here again and put on a “new suit” – that is, we get a new physical body. Everything we are here on Earth to do, is to learn and achieve karmically with those we are linked with on the spiritual path – and that is everyone we ever meet.

So what benefits do we bring from our past lives into this lifetime? Although we are not generally conscious of our past lives (or our life between lives), or consciously aware of our chosen path on this current journey, we keep with us at the deepest level everything we have ever learnt in the past. For example:

  • Skills and abilities

Every person has something they are remarkably good at, even from earliest childhood – it’s just a matter of finding it. If something comes particularly naturally and easily, chances are it has carried over from a past life. For example, may doctors or nurses have been healers in the past. Many musicians have been composers or musicians in the past. Counsellors or psychiatrists were, in many cases, ministers or religious advisers. For example, Mozart was a child prodigy – and he always stated that his abilities in music were the result of many past lifetimes. Another example is that of General Patton, who believed he had been a warrior many times over. Think of a child who can read almost by the time they can talk. Coincidence? Of course not!

  • Love at first sight

Sometimes instant attraction and love at first sight are really the meeting of two Souls who have loved passionately many times before. These couples meet and are connected instantly, regardless of other relationships they have been in up until this point. Famous examples likely include Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Antony and Cleopatra, Victoria and Albert, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton…

Other phenomena suggestive of having come through from past lives include déjà vu and lifelong passions.

We are each the sum of millennia of incarnations and life between lives. Past life regression therapy can help unlock our talents and skills, and help to understand and identify those we have deep Soul connections with. The well of knowledge we each hold within is infinite.

Chris Walker of Light Dynamics Healing works in Rowville and Wantirna in Melbourne and is expertly trained in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy QHHT from Dolores and Julia Cannon, so you are safe to explore your past and to heal what is holing you back.

I do see lots of people with relationship issues that are wanting a past life regression, either the same type of people come into there life.  or they can not find that connection or spark with a soul mate.  In a typical Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) session, the life that is shown to you, is always appropriate to you.  After the session it all makes sense to you.   Sometimes you are stuck in the same old pattern and have no idea how to break free from it.  this is where the past life regression can really help understand but best of all clear what is holding you back.

Past Life Relationships and Current Relationships

Past Life Relationships and Current Relationships

By Chris Walker

Most of us know only too well the feeling of meeting someone for the very first time and sensing that they are very familiar to us. We may find ourselves inexplicably attracted to another (platonically, romantically, or sexually) – when on the surface, they would not be someone we’d normally be drawn to. Conversely, there are times we meet another and for no “sane” reason, our intuition sends out a warning bell, or we instantly dislike the person, and sometimes our negative response to them is intensely physical.

It is likely that every single person we encounter during this lifetime was somehow involved with us in one of our past lives. Likely, in many of our past lives. Our parents, grandparents, siblings, extended family members, friends, enemies, work colleagues – all of them have walked the world with us before. (Bear in mind that we incarnate as both men and women, time and time again). Your mother may have been your child, best friend, or lover. Your father may have been your sibling, your employer, or your grandchild. Your teacher in this life may well have taught you many times before – or you them.

Signs you have a strong past life connection with someone include: either instant rapport or aversion this time around; a strong sense of déjà vu; actual recognition when you look into their eyes; or a very intense but short-lived relationship. You may always feel on edge around the person; they may be with you for your entire life (so consider carefully your family members or close family friends); you may have a shared passion, or share a very easy partnership. There may be an unquenchable anger between you or feelings of fear, guilt, or even sexual attraction (often inappropriate). Finally, there may be past life flashbacks.

The effects of these past life relationships can play out in this lifetime. Our Soul remembers everything, even if our conscious mind does not. Unresolved feelings and issues can follow and impact us for lifetime after lifetime until they are resolved and released. Past life connections can be nurturing, or they can wreak havoc in this lifetime. We can have recurring themes and patterns which play out time and time again.

Past life regression can be incredibly helpful to reconcile and even release past life connections in this life where they need to be healed. It can help one understand past life connections, to know why we feel so strongly about certain people, to recognise soul mates and soul twins, to understand “unhealthy” relationships and heal them enough to release the karma attached to them, and to break the cycle of incarnating with other souls who bring “trouble” into our lives (and vice versa).

It is a privilege to be able to assist clients on their journey of discovery into their past lives for understanding and healing. Profoundly positive effects result from gleaning the deeper significance of current relationships and life patterns. Not just beneficial to healing in this life, clearing and releasing negative relationships now will benefit future incarnations as well – the positives are eternal.

At Light Dynamics Healing, normally just one session is all that is needed, to show you how you interacted with and to help understand and heal relationships between people you know, if that is a family member relationships, friendships or a love relationship. We do come back with people to know and grow with each life time. But a lot of times we forget them while in a physical body.

I have helped many people release, cut the cords, removed energetic  connections from old relationship that are still affecting them now.  To move forward, the best way is to heal the past.  and also remember why you the type of people come into your life over and over again.

The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy  (QHHT) or Past Life Regression method is great for releasing or this very quickly.  Then once healed you are free to create and draw in that relationship you have always wanted.

I am always amazed that the past life they are shown is just what they needed.  and the clients after the session real understand why as well.  they can be repeating the past, or it can be polar opposites.  but they always are in amazement after the session.

I do not guide the life they will be seeing.  I let the guides or guardian angels organise all that.  I do feel very blessed that Dolores Cannon and Julia Cannon taught me her method of Past life regression, or known as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT), years ago.

Past Life How Do They Affect Us Now

Past Life How Do They Affect Us Now

By Chris Walker

As stated before, our Souls live many, many lives, residing in many physical bodies. We enter the body either just before, or at the time of birth; when the physical body can no longer serve us, we are released as the physical body dies. The Soul, however, is eternal, and never dies.

Life here on Earth is all about learning. Our Souls actively choose when to return to an earthly life; we choose who to return to this life with; and we choose the circumstances of that life. We choose our parents for reasons beyond anything we can consciously know while we are here.

Our Soul is the receptacle for all of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and memories. While it’s true that, as we enter a new incarnation, the slate seems to be “wiped clean”; everything that has gone before stays with us at the deepest level.

Have you ever met a person for the first time and deeply felt a sense of recognition? An instant and unexplained bond with them? Or an instant, intense dislike? These are classic signs that you have encountered this person’s Soul elsewhere on your path, during another (or more than one other) lifetime. Your mother in this life may have been your child or sibling in another life; the nemesis who makes your life difficult may have been someone with whom you have had a difficult, unresolved relationship before. The Soul has memories of past life relationships and these memories shape our reactions in this lifetime.

We commonly carry with us fears and intense emotions from the past. Those which are strongest are the ones which may impact on our current situation. And the strongest emotions are often those negative memories and experiences we have endured.

If one experiences a traumatic event in this lifetime, it stays with you on a very deep Soul level. If not addressed and cleared, it can expand in its negative impact on your life. The same is true of events in past lives – and these can present themselves in the current lifetime, usually raising them as fears and phobias of no apparent origin.

Some examples include:

  • An intense fear of heights and falling could relate to death by falling from a cliff in a past life
  • A lifelong phobia of snakes could represent a past life where death of self or a loved one was by snakebite
  • A person who died by hanging in a past incarnation may have a current revulsion to wearing anything touching their neck
  • A turbulent and abusive current relationship may have its roots in a past life relationship

It’s not all negative, though; sometimes what we bring with us from past incarnations can be very positive. For example, profound skills and abilities, love at first sight, Deja Vu, are all explained by past life experiences and connections. (We will explore this in depth another time).

If you are experiencing fears, phobias, addictions, or anxieties, chances are the answer lies in a previous life. At Light Dynamics Healing a past life regression can be very effective at isolating the root cause of the issue, recognising and understanding it, and clearing its effects in your current life. It’s important to note that, though a traumatic experience may be seen during a regression, most clients experience this impassively and are able to move forward easily after the session, at peace with this aspect of their Soul’s past and themselves.

The type of past life regression I use, I learned from Dolores Cannon and Julia Cannon themselves.  this type of hypnosis Dolores developed is called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT).  This very specialised method, is used to heal and resolve the issues.  Chris Walker is located in Rowville and Wantirna in Melbourne.


What are Past Lives

What are Past Lives

By Chris Walker

When we talk about past life regression as a powerful healing tool, the question invariably arises, “What are past lives?”

Life on Earth is a cycle. We are born. We live. And we die. The succession of birth and death is continuous throughout nature. But do we actually die?

The Soul is the immortal essence of a living being. Almost all of the world’s religions and spiritual dogmas recognise the human soul as being immortal; many also recognise the souls of animals and even plants, rivers, and mountains as being immortal.

Living beings are imbued with energy. Scientifically, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. So where does the energy, or life-force, of a new baby come from? Where does the energy go when one dies?

Each and every one of us, regardless of religious belief (or lack thereof) is an eternal being. Our true self, or our Soul, is the energetic part of ourselves which holds emotions, thoughts, and memories. When we die, and leave the human form, that energy is released and returned to the Source, or Heaven.

The term “past lives” refers to previous incarnations of the Soul. Reincarnation is the concept that after the death of the human body, the Soul begins a new life in a new human body. This concept is the stronghold of many Eastern Religions, and some sects of Western religions. There were even references to reincarnation as fact in the early Christian Bible (both Old and New Testaments); these references were removed by Emperor Constantine in AD 325 as it did not suit the Catholic Church’s agenda. Reincarnation was declared a heresy in AD 553.

Regardless of religious affiliation or belief, the fact is that reincarnation DOES exist for all of us. Belief in reincarnation and past lives is as old as humanity itself. People from all nationalities and cultures, from atheists to people whose religious beliefs decry reincarnation, have experienced hypnotic regressions and seen past lives, as real as the life they are living now. Many young children the world over actually remember past incarnations, and can offer very specific information as proof; this spontaneous recall usually is forgotten by age five.

We have all lived many countless past lives, the same Soul in a myriad of physical bodies. We choose when to incarnate, and who to incarnate with. Human life on Earth is all about lessons and learning. We choose our parents, our Soul group with whom we incarnate, and what we wish to achieve during each lifetime. Those whom we encounter in our current life have been with us countless times before. Have you ever met someone for the first time and instantly felt connected to (or strongly disliked) them for no apparent reason? The answer most certainly lies in a past life experience with the person.

Each time we incarnate, we bring with us Soul-deep memories, desires, and experiences. These can impact on our current life in a number of ways – some positive, others negative. A past life regression as I conduct using Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) taught to me by Dolores Cannon and Julia Cannon. Here at Light Dynamics Healing is a powerful tool to understand and release issues from the past which negatively impact on us – in order to live a more peaceful and fruitful life this time around.

Why do we have past lives and continue to keep having lives?
This is a great question.  from what I understand we are continuing to grow of souls. so in order to understand more of who we are, we come back time and time again to work on thing that we have not got 100% yet.  like unconditional love, is a big one.  I just love to use the special form of past life regression to access past lives. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) is am amazing method that Dolores Cannon and Julia Cannon taught me,.

Next week, we will look more in-depth at how the current issues one experiences may be coming from a past life, and how seeing the past life through a regression can resolve these issues once and for all.

Chris uses this specialised type of healing and works from Rowville and Wantirna in Melbourne

Healing Depression With Hypnotherapy

Healing Depression With Hypnotherapy

By Chris Walker

It is estimated that one in five Australians, on average, will at some point during their lifetime experience depression. The leading cause of non-fatal disability in this country, depression can be every bit as debilitating and even life threatening as any physical illness, yet relatively few people who suffer from depression ever seek help for their condition.

There are various types of depression; some may be related to a traumatic or distressing life event (death of a loved one, becoming a parent, loss of job, financial worries, divorce, or serious physical illness). Others may have an “imbalance” in brain chemistry. In many cases, the cause one’s depression lies deep in the subconscious in a repressed memory.

Conventional medical treatments for depression include counselling, cognitive behaviour therapy, and medication. These treatments can and do work, on the surface, to an extent, but none of them address the root cause of depression. And in the case of medication, physical dependence on the drug frequently results in a person taking the medication for many years or even a lifetime – not to mention that antidepressant medications numb the mind.

Hypnotherapy is a very valuable method for addressing depressive illness at its root cause. The therapist places the client into a deep state called a trance; this allows them to focus on a specific area without distraction. The client is conscious and aware at all times. They will be more open and responsive to suggestion, and the therapist can speak to the client’s subconscious.

The conscious mind accounts for only ten percent of the overall mind. By accessing the subconscious, the person is being addressed in one hundred percent of their mind – and there are stored all emotions, memories, resentments, fears, regrets, anger, jealousies, etc. Hypnotherapy releases these stored emotions and memories that are repressed in the subconscious – and hence true healing can take place.

At Light Dynamics Healing, which is based in Rowville, Melbourne, the technique I use can achieve even greater healing for depression than simple clinical hypnosis alone. Thanks to the remarkable Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy Technique (QHHT), I guide my clients to a deeply relaxed state using hypnosis, which then allows them to view events in either this or a past life that are contributing to their current depressive state. By addressing these past life events, understanding is achieved, and with this clarity, detrimental feelings are released. Additionally, with this wonderful technique, profound healing at the Soul level is accessed from the Super Conscious.

It is a privilege to work with clients using Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, or QHHT which is a specialised type of past life regression which is a specialised type of hypnotherapy, to facilitate healing at the deepest level. Anyone who experiences clinical depression can be helped profoundly, for a brighter and better life.

Chris Walker is based in Rowville and Wantirna in Melbourne.

Habits and Addictions – Hypnosis Can Help

Habits and Addictions – Hypnosis Can Help

By Chris Walker

A habit is a routine of behaviour that generally occurs unconsciously. It develops from a repeated behaviour on a regular basis, and is defined psychologically as “a fixed way of thinking or feeling that was acquired from a previous repetitive mental experience”. Sometimes habits arise from a past experience which requires clearing. People who exhibit habits rarely notice they are doing so, as the habit becomes a routine task for the individual.

New habits form through repetition; these behaviours become automatic and ingrained in one’s subconscious mind. Most people struggle to eliminate certain behaviours or thinking patterns once they have become habit.

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are very valuable tools for conquering and overcoming bad habits and addictions. These can be serious addictions such as cigarette smoking, alcohol abuse, or drug dependence; or simply annoying habits such as hair pulling, nail biting, or knuckle cracking.

While many habits and addictions are physical in their nature, the mind is always the path by which they are founded and, hence, conquered.

Habits for which hypnotherapy may be the answer are wide and varied. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Cigarette smoking
  • Overeating
  • Under-eating or bingeing
  • Nail biting
  • Fidgeting
  • Alcohol dependence
  • Tooth clenching or grinding
  • Nose picking
  • Thumb sucking
  • Excessive spending
  • Swearing
  • Interrupting
  • Hair twisting or pulling
  • Skin picking
  • Drug abuse
  • Knuckle cracking
  • Self sabotage
  • Procrastination
  • Unsafe or indiscriminate sexual behaviour
  • Gambling

Coupled with a strong personal desire to overcome one’s habit or addiction, hypnosis can quickly and permanently change the core belief which keeps the habit in place. No matter what the core belief, or its attendant habit, changing that mindset on a subconscious level will result in the habit crumbling away. No matter how ingrained the habit, when addressed at the subconscious level, through hypnosis and other modalities such as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), the mind can be reprogrammed and the habit eliminated permanently.

At Light Dynamics Healing, I use past life regression session to facilitate hypnosis healing, and the elimination of habits is achieved at the very deepest subconscious level. We determine the root cause of the habit in order to release it once and for all. It is exciting as a practitioner to see the habits my clients wish to conquer fall away quickly and permanently. I find the past life regression with the healing that happens using the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy  QHHT, is much more effective that just the normal stop smoking hypnosis or the lose weight hypnosis that is used.

Healing via the Super Conscious

Healing via the Super Conscious

By Chris Walker

One of the most profound ways we have for facilitating healing (both physical and emotional) at the deepest level is the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) technique, proudly offered here at Light Dynamics Healing. It involves placing the client into a very deep relaxation, with the mind initially guided to the Alpha state and then progressing to the Theta state.

In this state, the Super Conscious is contacted for both answers and active healing.

The Super Conscious are Beings of Light which reside very close to the Source, or God. They are present around and for all of us, regardless of one’s personal religious or spiritual beliefs, or lack thereof. These Beings access the Akashic Records (to be explained next time) on the client’s behalf, for information regarding every incarnation a Soul has ever had. From here any question may be answered, regarding this or a previous life, and this information in turn provides the client with not only insight, but comfort and support.

The Super Conscious is also able to identify any illness, disease, or disorder within the human body; frequently this has manifested as a result of some unresolved issue from this or a prior incarnation. Not only can the issue be identified and the reasons for its presence explained; it can be healed by the Super Conscious, quickly and painlessly. Often, simply understanding why a disease or disorder is present is enough for it to be healed and cleared by the Super Conscious.

Many cases of Super Conscious healing that QHHT practitioners and their clients are witness to are truly remarkable. Some healings by the Super Conscious witnessed by QHHT practitioners include: cancer being cured fully at various stages; liver regeneration; open wounds healing without scarring; migraines being explained and their root causes being identified; neck, shoulder, and back pain resolving; short-sightedness being returned to 20/20 vision without corrective surgery; resolution of skin irritations; and much more.

Healing for any malady can occur – under certain conditions. Whether physical, mental or emotional, the client must wish to be healed; healing must also not interfere with the client’s Karmic goals for this lifetime. For example, a client would not be healed of deafness by the Super Conscious if their deafness were a key aspect of their life they agreed to experience prior to incarnating. Additionally, a person would not be healed of a malady brought on by disrespecting their own body, if the lesson they were here to learn included loving and respecting that body, and it had yet to be learned.

The super conscious beings are working with the past life regression part of a  Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy  session.   It is such a blessing for a QHHT practitioner to facilitate and be witness to the remarkable guidance and work of the Super Conscious are guiding in. There are truly no limits to what is achievable.

Levels of Human Consciousness Part 1

Levels of Human Consciousness – Part 1

By Chris Walker

Our human consciousness is comprised of three levels; these represent different levels of awareness and each level is very important in various aspects of our daily lives.

The Consious state is that in which we are fully aware; this rational awareness guides most of our daily actions and active decisions.

Our conscious mind is at work when we are “awake”. It is with the conscious mind that we receive and analyse input from our senses and make decisions based on this information. The conscious level of human awareness is oriented towards making decisions and finding solutions to problems in our day to day lives. The conscious, analytical mind is strongly influenced by other people, and at times, if used alone, is unable to distinguish between options which is best. Exclusive reliance on the conscious mind can lead to uncertainty and indecision.

The Subconscious resides below the surface, deep within the mind. Here is where we dream, imagine, and hold memory. It is the repository of all personal emotions, experiences, and impressions, as well as resultant thoughts and implications of those experiences, both physical and emotional. The subconscious is responsible for our individual patterns of thought and behaviour.

Unrestricted by logic or active outside influence, the subconscious is the place from which dreams originate, also creativity and, with a clear subconscious, intuition; it is the subconscious which is accessed during hypnosis.

While conscious awareness of the subconscious is very limited, the subconscious may impact on conscious awareness; many times, we may feel that intuition is guiding us, when in fact the subconscious is influencing us due to past experiences, fears, and unresolved issues. This is why hypnotherapy to clear and resolve issues held in the subconscious is so important.

Real intuition resides in the Superconscious. Close to the subconscious, the Superconscious is a remarkable place within all of us; indeed residing within, but also high above the level of the conscious mind.The Superconscious has been referred to as the Higher Self, Oversoul, Universal Mind, and even God.

The Superconscious is inhabited by highly evolved beings of Light; we all are linked to these, but the Superconscious can generally be accessed only through the deepest relaxation, as used for Past Life Regression using the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy technique. When contact is made with the Superconscious, healing is facilitated and answers are found regarding any questions from this life or previous lives. The Superconscious knows everything about the individual’s life and infinite Soul.

This is truly amazing work, and the buzz I get when working with the super conscious is just amazing. Some clients can sense them in their body just after they come out of the session. And they know they have been working on them. It feels sometime like they have had a big session at the gym. To find out more info please read the article for next week, or you can find out more with Light Dynamics Healing

Next week we will look further in depth into how the Superconscious can be accessed to facilitate healing.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy – What is It?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy – What is It?

By Chris Walker

When we facilitate a Past Life Regression at Light Dynamics Healing, we use a technique called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT). But what is it?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, or QHHT, is a hypnotherapy technique which gently places the client into a deep state of relaxation. And there amazing things can take place.

There are four distinct states of brain activity:

  • Beta – alertness, cognition, and concentration; wide awake and alert
  • Alpha – visualisation, relaxation, and creativity; this is the entryway to deeper consciousness. Daydreaming occurs here.
  • Theta – intuition, memory, and meditation; this powerful and expansive state is mysterious and elusive, and brings forth inspiration, long –forgotten memory, and dreamlike visions
  • Delta – healing, sleep, and detached awareness. This occurs during deep and restorative sleep.

Created by Dolores Cannon, a hypnotherapist with almost five decades of extensive experience, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, QHHT has the advantage of being able to directly connect with the Superconscious (or Higher Self) for answers about past lives and healing in the current life.

QHHT involves the induction of a very deep state of relaxation, via a trance state achieved through visualisation. This deep state of relaxation (moving from the Alpha state into the Theta state) occurs naturally only very briefly as you fall asleep, or in the instant just prior to being consciously awake.

In this state, an individual can easily access past lives. Not only are past lives accessed quickly; a part of the individual that lies just below the level of the conscious mind, the Subconscious, is also easily communicated with. This is with the assistance of the Super Conscious.

The Super Conscious is an infinitely powerful and knowledgeable aspect of ourselves. It is deep within the Subconscious that memories of past incarnations reside; it is the Super Conscious that can facilitate fast access to these and permanent healings. The Super Conscious has all the answers regarding every life we have ever lived, life between lives, and our purpose and experiences in the current life we are living. The Super Conscious is actually the Higher Self, or Universal Mind; some call it God. It resides in all of us – seemingly out of reach – except when very deep states of relaxation are attained.

Dr. Michael Newton does great work on life between lives, I have studied all his books, but the past life work I do, goes further with the healing that happens after the past lives are shown to you.

When Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy or QHHT is utilised for Past Life Regression, the Super Conscious selects the most relevant past life to the question being asked or issue to be resolved in the present life. If relevant, multiple past lives may be shown during a single session; the QHHT practitioner will navigate the individual through the past incarnation with a series of questions.

As a QHHT practitioner in Melbourne, I will make sure you are getting the most out of the session, as I am always monitoring you, and guiding you though what is needed to see.

By the end of the session, there will be a sense of relaxation, wellbeing, comfort, and clarity. Physical problems within the body stemming from both current and past lives can be healed remarkably quickly and effectively – as long as you wish to be healed, and as long as the Karma and goals of this lifetime will not be impinged upon by healing taking place.

Please go to the Home Page and then to the contact us page on our website to ask any questions or to book a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy session.  Click here for a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy Session

I know you will get so much out of it.


Chris Walker

How Can We Help You Quit Smoking?

How Can We Help You Quit Smoking?

By Chris Walker

There are a number of ways we can assist you on your journey to stopping smoking once and for all. An addiction frequently started with adolescent experimentation, smoking can be linked to stress, an “addictive” personality, and various other physical and psychological factors. It becomes not just a physical addiction, but also a psychological and emotional crutch.

There are so many reasons to stop smoking – better health, a longer life, saved money, the ability to literally “smell the flowers” – and every area of one’s life can be enhanced by conquering this addiction. There are various tools we use at Light Dynamics Healing which can help you along on your journey to quitting smoking. Here’s how:

  • Reiki Healing: not only can reiki healing assist to quit smoking, it brings powerful Source energies to heal the damage to the body that smoking has caused. Reiki will only assist with actually quitting smoking if you have made a conscious decision and mental commitment to quit. Your attunement to the higher intelligence will bring strength, focus, and centring to your commitment and willpower to conquer the addiction; healing will begin immediately and put you on a fast track to clearing the body of chemicals stored from cigarettes. Reiki facilitates your focus on a positive outcome.
  • Hypnotherapy: guided hypnosis will access your subconscious mind; this can help to cement your desire to quit, and your motivation to stay the course. When you subconsciously find the taste, smell, and very idea of smoking repugnant, you can’t help but to feel the same way consciously as well.
  • Past Life Regression: perhaps your smoking stems from a past incarnation: a habit carried over into this life, or a coping mechanism linked to a trauma experienced long ago. Past life regression may assist you to understand why you have a desire to smoke here and now; frequently, understanding and clearing past life issues is enough to conquer addictions once and for all in this lifetime.

Quitting smoking is a decision that needs to be made for the right reasons. So many people fail on their mission to stop smoking, either because they are not quitting for themselves, or because they are held back by a lack of motivation or various other emotional “stumbling blocks”. With hypnotherapy, reiki, and past life regression, these “stumbling blocks” can be torn down and the addiction to cigarettes can be conquered and left behind – quickly and permanently.

Chris Walker in Melbourne can help you.

How Can Past Life Regression Be Beneficial?

How Can Past Life Regression Be Beneficial?

Chris Walker

We are all touched by and are the product of our past. Things that happened years ago, but long forgotten (or not) impact on our lives in the present in ways we can’t begin to fathom. In our unconscious mind, we store every memory and experience; everything that has ever been said and done by and to us resides within our minds at its deepest level, active but usually inaccessible by our conscious minds.

Unresolved past experiences can impact our lives in a negative way; on our thoughts, feelings, and even behaviour.  For example, a three year old being flippantly told they are no good by a parent will not remember the event on a conscious level, but will suffer the consequences all their life long – frequently the impact is much bigger than the event itself. Therapy to regress and revisit those memories, understand their impact, and clear them can be remarkably transformative and healing for mind, body, and spirit.

But what about memories and experiences we carry from other incarnations?

Not only do negative patterns and beliefs in this life have their roots in early childhood; many can be traced back further to prior incarnations. Past Life Regression Therapy can be very beneficial to revisit and re-experience traumas, no matter how large or small, to transform them from negative memories which hold us “stuck” in the past into learning experiences from which we can be liberated.

Signs one has unresolved issues from the past (either this lifetime or another) include panic and anxiety disorder, depression, phobias, issues with self esteem, self sabotage, addiction, self harm, and repetitive relationship patterns.

Past Life Regression Therapy can be beneficial as it allows the client to:

  • Understand Habits and “Quirks”
  • Address the root cause of a range of issues
  • Heal from past traumas
  • Resolve relationship issues
  • Clear blocks to moving forward
  • Gain insight into relationships
  • Recognise others from past incarnations
  • Gain insight into this life’s challenges and why they exist
  • Overcome fears and phobias
  • Access strength and other positive resources within yourself
  • Overcome fear of death
  • Resolve
          • Fears
          • Anxiety
          • Panic
          • Anger
          • Depression
          • Obsessions
          • Self esteem issues
          • Chronic health issues
          • Addictions
          • Post traumatic stress disorder

We, each of us, is a Soul inhabiting a body. While our bodies are alive for a limited time, our Souls are eternal. Each of us is a well of memories dating back many, many lifetimes – and each of these has made us who we are today. Regression Therapy allows the client insight and self awareness. With these, the mind, soul, and body can all be healed to facilitate a fuller, happier, and more peaceful existence – both now and next time around.

A look at http://www.lightdynamicshealing.com.au/qhht.html will give you more details on this amazing therapy.

I was taught personally by Dolores Cannon and her Daughter Julia Cannon.  they are both great teachers.  The type of past life regression I was is a specialised form that Dolores created called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT). So if you are interested in this form of hypnosis, or past life work. please contact me for more information or to book a session.  Also please visit the page on Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) for more information on what to expect in a session.